Monday, 2 July 2007

(*) Hon Secretary

Here's the new Secretary of the Carcoar Dam Sailing Club receiveing his Trophy for "Most Improved Sailor 2006/07" yesterday, at our AGM Presentation BBQ. Ya, that's me on the left. And yes, for reasons I'm still quite unsure of, I was nominated and elected as Club Secretary for the coming year! Golly!

And it was bloody freezing out there as well! We spent most of the day all huddled around the potbelly stove!

At least my little "Gherkin", Wyreema, is still all nicely wrapped up and safe out of most of the elements out there!

Oh... for the first time in living memory, there were two Emu's hanging around the place! I've never seen them before now! Amazing! They were too far away to get a good photo of tho, unfortunately. Emu's are bizarre creatures... like mangy ostriches - and wildly unapproachable in their wild state. We kept a distant berth from each other, I think! heh heh It was wild seeing them out there tho... I've seen lots of kangaroos out there, but not Emus before. Whoo hoo! Welcome to the bush. \o/
Afterwards I turned up late to the 'Acoustic Spam Sessions" at the pub, and ended up playing just three songs - I was feeling flat and tired, and just couldn't 'create the mood' yesterday! It wasn't a problem, as there were a few new people there who were willing to have a go. One young bloke played some really nice 12-string open jungle-jangle stuff. But as soon as people started into the 'sing-a-long/Kareoke' stuff, I left! I was feeling too tired to put up with that shite yesterday. So, sue me!

I'm looking forward to watching the Live Earth gig next week - simple because my favourites "Crowded House" have reformed and are playing their gig in Sydney! Yay! \o/ Their new album "Time On Earth" comes out this week [I think?]. The whole Live Earth thing reminds me so much of the 1985 "Live Aid", which I remember watching almost all of it live... I crashed out for a few hours towards the end, and my dad video taped it for me. I have that tape here somewhere still too! There were some awesome people and groups playing at that event, for sure!

Tim Finn of Crowded House (source)

Last nights' attempt to salvage/recover the stranded frieghter/bulk carrier Pasha Bulka off Nobby's Beach at Newcastle saw at least some positives. They managed to shift the bow around to face out to sea, but the stern [back/blunt end] is still stuck fast on the reef/sand. They're gonna try again at tonights' high tide. I'm fascinated to see how all this is gonna pan out. Apparently an oil leak noticed in the darkness last night wasn't as bad as first thought, mornings' light revealed.

And this news just in:
The salvage crew working to refloat the Pasha Bulker says the stranded bulk carrier is now less than 50 metres from deep water.

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