Monday, 2 July 2007

(*) Lilly Green

My book I ordered on Wednesday arrived today at lunchtime, I'm happy to say. I expected it by about Wednesday or Thursday. It's this book here... I purchased myself a great second-hand copy for my own research purposes. Now I can scribble and underline everywhere in pencil all across it... can't do things like that to a library book, for some strange reason!

Then I had the parents of my landlord knock on my door... yes, that was strange. Last time the Real Estate simply sent a repairman to come and fix a few small problems about the place. At least now I know why it takes them so long to get in touch with her - she lives in frigging Switzerland! hahahaha. They fixed one faulty doorknob, but realised they're gonna have to send a repairman to fix the garage rollerdoor and the sticky bedroom door as well. No dramas. Just as well the place was clean... those few dishes were in the process of getting cleaned when they arrived! heh heh

This'll sound a bit dumb [maybe?], but I got to thinking this morning, after the initial shock of me being elected as the Secretary of our little Sailing Club... what exactly does a small Club Secretary do? Well, thanks to the internet, I found out exactly what - here and here! Yay! I can do all that, no worries. I'll print out a copy and leave it in the club files, for whoever is to come after me, in case they wanna ask the same question. It's good to know what's excepted of me, you know? Yeah.

Week 230
I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Partner :: Howdy
2. News :: paper
3. Foam :: Rubber
4. Paycheck :: what is that?
5. Me :: and You
6. Eight :: Days a Week
7. Dairy :: Pink Milk - ooohhh... there's a story there.... [cf below]
8. Exciting :: sailing in the nude? no no no...
9. Hockey :: Puck
10. Socialite :: Italian Plastic

OK OK, here's the "Pink Milk" story - it's cute!... many years ago, my ex-wifes' parents used to work in a dairy, getting up at the crack of dawn and at dusk to milk a heard of dairy cows. One afternoon, when she was just a little kid, my ex asked her mum why one particular cow was making strawberry milk that day.

"Strawberry milk? Cows don't make strawberry milk..."
"Yes they do... this one here does, look... the milk is pink..."

Upon looking into the bucket/machine, the mum giggled as she realised the tiny amount of blood from the cows' udder was tinting the milk as it was being milked!!!

"Errr... that's not strawberry, honey..."

Aww, come on, that's cute! heh heh

"Life Stages"

1. What's the one non-monetary thing that you'd most want to have in life? My family back and all of us living happily together again.
2. What was the best thing about your youth? Being young; the way a year seemed to last about three or four.
3. What was the worst thing about your youth? Bad teeth and insecurity.
4. What are you most looking forward to as you age? Long gray hair.
5. What are you least looking forward to as you age? Dying. Death is the easiest thing you can do... but death is annoying! heh heh

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  1. Oh dear..i guess its a good thing the cow wasn't making chocolate milk, right?