Saturday, 30 June 2007

(*) Flows Roseshell

I'm interested to hear how the salvage people are going tonight trying to get that 40,000 tonne coal bulk carrier, Pasha Bulka, off of Nobbys Beach at Newcastle. It's been there for three weeks now. I bet the Greenies are jumping up and down, wanting it out of there! (Postscript... apparently Greenpeace used some lasers to make an anti-coal message on ther ships' side the other night!) And the local surfers too... totally destroying their local break, most definitely!

I guess what I'm thinking of is that - what if they can't get it off the beach? Will the Pascha Bulka be yet another shipwreck along our coastline? Altho this one will be a mighty big one right on the front dooprstep of a major city. I'm sure the powers that be will be trying to move heaven and earth - and sand - to refloat her. I know when they tried the other night they only moved it seven degrees or somewthing before cables to the tugs snapped.
After being stranded on Newcastle's Nobbys Beach for more than three weeks, salvage attempts for the bulk carrier were called off yesterday when three cables linking tugboats to the ship came free.
They were supposedly trying tonight at high tide. Hope it works out alright... I know it's not gonna sink as it seems to be watertight and structually sound and all that. But - what if they simply can't get it off the beach? Hmmm... time to explore some live news feeds, I guess ;)

Even better! Here's a live webcam feed on the ship itself! Hahahaa! Ahh, the wonders of the internet!

I just heard the Wallabies beat the Kiwis in the Rugby! Now that's one for the books! We were due a win! We'd been playing like $#it for the past few months, so this'll be a good confidence booster for the up-coming World Cup. Tho I can't see us doing so well this time around, but I guess we'll see...
Australia defied the critics to produce a stunning 20-15 upset win over New Zealand in tonight's opening Bledisloe Cup clash at the MCG tonight.

I found an online book catalogue for my book list, which I'll link from my Books Blog. Yeah, I've added all sorts of things I own to that list, but I'll still fiddle with the book blog for a bit until... aww, I still haven't decided anything about it.

I've got a LOT of books to add to this list, that's for sure. Enjoy browsing through my online catalogue when you want to. :)

I've also finished adding all the DVD's I own onto my DVD catalogue as well. Ends up I own about 100! I'm rather quite surprised it's that many! Now, if only I could figure out how to rip and burn CD's... [coughs]... not illegally, of course... [clears throat]...

Here's a new Meme for me. Lots of people seem to be doing it, so I thought it'd help me keep the creative brain juices going somehow! Whoo hoo! \o/
Thanks to Lateshift Musings for prompting me to begin Feasting on a Friday.

How many pieces of jewelry do you wear most days? Just my old wedding ring, on a piece of leather thonging around my neck. It's a band of three threads of different gold, a "Russian Wedding Ring" of sorts... each different coloured band of gold now represents one of my precious sons. It looks similar to this here. That's why I've kept it... it represents my children.

What is your favorite instrumental song? Hmmm... "Cobwebs and Strange" by The Who, off their second album. Pure controlled angst! Keith Moon on a rolling chaos trip! It gets faster and faster until you expect the vinyl or cd to fly off the turntable!

Who has a last name that you like? Brian John Whiting doesn't even exist! He was at one stage my muse, but long ago thesedays. Whiting... hmmm... I haven't really thought about taking another name for myself, maybe just at times variants of "White", for no obvious reason.

Main Course
Name a popular movie you’ve never seen. Shrek the 3rd - not yet! Sometime in the next week or so. I've got the first two on DVD tho.

Fill in the blank: Nothing makes me ___________ like ____________. Laugh / The Goon Show.

1. What was the best gift you received? The birth of my three sons! \o/
2. What was the worst gift you received? A camp shower, from my Auntie!
3. What gift did you wish for, but never got? The Beatles "Anthology" book... but I got it next year!
4. What was the best present you gave? Myself, wrapped just in a ribbon [blushes and makes no further comment]
5. What was the worst present you gave? Hmmm... my fifth-grade teacher got about 25-sets of hankies as an end-of-year gift... one from practically everyone in the class! Poor bloke! But he was a nice teacher :)

Oh the noes! They're at it again!!!

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