Thursday, 28 June 2007

(*) Thursday it is

I've begun an experiment, one which I tinkered with about two months ago, then promptly left on the 'to do' pile... but it's to attempt to catalogue my book collection.

It's obviously still in the fresh, brand-new and still 'tinkering-with-it trying-to-figure-out-how-to-use-the-bloody-thing' stage ;) Stay tuned, and I'll let ya know when I put new things on it. I'm still not 100% sure excatly how I'm gonna use it anyways, at this stage. [shrugs] But it's there for me to use, now I've set something up.

I did my days' volunteering at Meels on Wheels again today. It goes quickly... there weren't as many of us as there was last week, but there seemed less to be done today. I started an hour earler which helped me get home an hour earlier, at 2.30. Makes the day seem a lot longer that way. Dished up all sorts of meals and sweets today, then ended up cleaning windows while things were quiet... everyone pitches in and cleans up. It wasn't such 'controlled chaos' today, but a whole lot more fun. It's not a hard thing to do, but it's somehow satisfying... but I'm not trying to bang my own drum here... it's giving me something to do atm as well.

The facility there prepares and delivers meals to different Meals on Wheels groups across the region, as far away as the Blue Mountains. So they don't just cater for the locals, but they might prepare like 300+ meals a day, and freeze them in huge walk-in freezers. It's an interesting set-up they've got, that's for sure.

The Sailing Club is having it's annual Presentation and AGM this coming Sunday, out at the Carcoar Dam clubhouse. Nothing formal or stilted about hese things, at a small country get-together! Fire-up the BBQ, light the pot-belly stove, ice some beers, and sit around and just happily catch up. It'll be a nice afternoon, and I'm looking forward to seeing a few of the folks again. It's been a few months. Dang it all with this drought and no water and now it's too cold to do anything slightly water related! heh heh. Sounds like a good time for a BBQ in front of a roaring fire, huh? heh heh

Oh, I don't think I actually told you, Blog Paige, but I sold my little Solo sailing dinghy to a bloke from Brisbane in Armidale back in April. He sailed it the next week at some small regatta up his way, and from all reports it went well. I was very sad and a bit emotional to see it drive away behind someone elses car... I mean, it was my first-ever boat I owned by myself, after all... memories of my late dad and all that as well thrown into the emotional melting pot. But the trip up and back was uneventful, really. Lots of rain on the way up - about a six hour drive [I took my time]. I stayed overnight in nearby Tamworth on the way home, rather than travel too far at night towing a trailer as I would have got more and more tired. Bugger that.

I sat up ready to watch the Cricket World Cup Final on the TV at midnight that night, and lo and behold it was delayed because of rain! I ended up falling asleep... and woke just in time to turn the telly back on - literally just as it finished! So, in the end, i saw absolutely none of the actual game live at all! hahahahaa. Not to worry. I got a really good nights' sleep, and got home safely in plenty of time. My little boat trailer tows like a dream, and I managed to work my way through a good swathe of those 'car cd's' I burnt for myself last year too. Ya, it was a good trip. Seeing water flowing down the sides of hills and filling up previously-dry creekbeds was a fantastic sight to behold.

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  1. I loved volunteering for helping out on area things. I don't have the time to now. it gives you a rewarding feeling.