Wednesday, 27 June 2007

(*) Starbrite Sungold Spare

I had morning tea with Mr Hoon again today, inside the warmth of the Cafe at our local Visitor's Information Centre today... it doesn't seem that long ago we were there, sitting outside trying to avoid tyhe sun. Today we watched the sleet falling across the fields through the picture windows! heh heh. You've just got to love being in rural Australia mid-winter! Yay! \o/

Poor Mr Hoon... his family has certainly been in the wars over the last six months... yesterday his eldest son wrote off his car as he accidently lost control on a corner in the sleet. He wasn't hurt, just badly shaken. But... enough is enough for this family, OK? I mean, seriously! They've have has such a run of bad luck and misfortune lately, it's just rediculous! What really sux about it is that they are the *nicest* people you could ever meet! Shite that is happening to and around them just should not happen to people like them... they simply don't deserve it! Gagh!
I sent the Money Order away this arvo as well for my latest second-hand book found through here.

It's a book I read thru our local library about a year ago, and since then I've picked up a few other books on the same subject. This one [of the three it will make] will help me somehow get a clearer grasp of the situation of the subject. It's extremely unpleasant... "Auschwitz"... but for some not-goulish reason I'm fascinated by it all.. the sheer scale of planned genocide simply staggers my little brain. No matter how much I read and research about it all, it remains a mystery to me how a cultured nation would consider themselves a superior race and choose who would live and who would die. Simply speechless...

Stop Press... it's snowing as we speak... gagh! Beautiful [not laying for long here tho], but quite heavy just out of town, I heard the police report on the radio just then! Whoo hoo! \o/

Take Me Back Tuesday - Week 129

Are there any bands that you've seen live that didn't impress you, or that sounded better on CD? Hmmm... Bon Jovi [I'm talking years ago now, like about 1986-ish or something!] Their gig in Sydney sounded simply awful... noy just the actual sound mix, but they played sloppily, from memory. Not that I've ever been a fan of Bon Jovi anyways.

Live albums? Love em or hate em? Why? Well, my life is now [practically] complete, now that I have a CD version of "The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl" [1964/65], recorded at the height of Beatlesmania, complete with inaudible instruments and endless shreiking... but captures a real time in history. The other album I grew up with, and has always been a "Guitarists 101", has been the Rolling Stones 1969 "Get Your Ya Ya's Out". Oh ya, and Crowded Houses' "Goodbye to the World" set was quite possibly the best they ever played!

Mtv started the "Unplugged" you have any favorites and what are your feelings on the "Unplugged" series. I haven't heard much of that series anyways, so i can't really comment on it. The only one I have is the Eric Clapton one, which i thought was OK, but can't compare it to any of the others...

What is your favorite live act? Hmmm... I haven't seen many big bands for a few years now... seen plenty of small local pub bands that ranged from brilliant to simply awful! But off the top of my head would have to be the Stevie Wonder gig at Sydney c.1988. Simply great sound, songs, playing, vibe. I guess i should get out and see some more live bands, huh? Someone asked me if I was going to see Dylan in Sydney later this year, but... i don't wanna pay a zillion dollars for something that [in my humble opinion] would i] sound better on a CD, and ii] be not exactually visually appealing, so no I aint going. Oh dear oh dear oh dear!

When I was 17/18, I really loved to watch The Radiators play... a great pub rock band and sound... amazing to think they're still gigging! heh heh.


  1. Oh i never knew The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl was on CD. I have a vinyl copy.

  2. For whatever the reasons, the powers that be never released this awesome album as a CD! I have *no* idea why not! The sound quality is pretty damn good! I got a CD copy by downloading a digital version of it via Limewire. Ssshhh! My vinyl copy sits happy still in its cover tho... much easier to slip on the CD version nowdays tho. Maybe onedays the powers that be at Apple/EMI/whoever will release it for real... I mean, it's not as thought every things else they ever did has been re-released digitally?
    Thanx and cyalayta
    Mal :)

  3. Mal-been naming to let you know that's its nice to have you back. Hope everything went well with the boat sell. I see you've found my other blog-or at least one of them:)My other Addiction is about my sometimes voracious reading habit. Glad you stopped by both blogs. Here's hoping the weather gets better for you. Bj

  4. We all go thru trials and tribulations. Lord knows mine was when i was 33 in a very bad January when i had my heart attack. All kinds of things happened in that 1 month of time.
    I'm going thru a small one right now with lack of money situation. eventually everything starts to pan out and get good's just the getting thru it that's hard.
    As long as he has a friend like you to talk about his problems he will be fine.
    take care mal!