Friday, 29 June 2007

Friday on my Mind

Well, I burnt my last Beatles CD last night. Now I'll just play the burnt ones, rather than the originals. I've got like 7-or-so compelation CD's I've made just for here at home. That's not counting the ones I burnt for the car! gagh! I think I've got the hang of it now :)

Last day of school term two today here... hope to spend some time with the boys during the first week of the two week break, as I'm off to Cairns to hang out with my brother during the second week.

I've been fiddling with this thing today as well...

Top 5 On Friday - Week 130
Top 5 "Musical" prized possessions...rare cd...autographs, instruments etc.

1. Beatles bootleg LP's, about four of 'em. Stuff they didn't even mention on any of their 'Anthology' CD's! heh heh And not just some pissweak 'alternate takes' of released songs either! [winks]

2. My first acoustic guitar, a black dreadnought Ibanez I named "Brian"... had a brilliant tone and great action. My dad bought it for me when I was about 17-sih... unfortunately about 10 years ago it was irreversiably broken. I was very upset is an understatement. I still miss that guitar.

3. A CD copy of "The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl"! It hasn't been released on CD! Whoo hoo! [whispers] Yay for Limewire! I've had this on vinyl since 1978! I was so excited when I found a digital copy of it. Still sounds great, despite a zillion squealing shrieking girls. A real piece of history.

4. A large black towel with my initial embroided onto it. A very special gift from two very special friends many years ago, when I was gigging a lot. I still use it whenever I play.

5. A small black cotton handtowel that our old roadie gave to each of us in the band, with the bandname embroidered onto it. That still lives with my 'kitbag', and used it just last weekend. Thanx Dean.

Bonus: If you could give your Meme Mistress one musical thing for her b-day on Monday what would it be?
The front-row seat and back-stage pass to the concert of her dreams! Happy Birthday!
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  1. That would have to be front row and backstage to a Moodies show, because Justin Hayward is the only Moody that I haven't met...


    I have some interesting Beatley bootlegs on CD from torrent sites. Great stuff.

  2. Great memories and mementos!

  3. Cool Beatles stuff!! :) I can see why you treasure it! :)