Tuesday, 26 June 2007

(*) Monday Mumbles

And still the weather sends chills through the many layers of clothes I try to swathe myself in! It was -5c/23f here the other night! Shivers! [literally!] Tomorrow's high is expected to be just FOUR degrees celcius!!! Gagh!

Oh yeah... I downloaded some Pink Floyd stuff I don't have... just some extra tracks off "Wish You Were Here" [to complete the whole album], as well as two pieces off "Animals" and "The Wall", which I don't have and hadn't heard much of before. The only stuff I have from that vintage Floyd comes from their "Echoes" anthology CD. Anyways... the two things I got from "Animals"... "Dogs" is woeful and "Pigs" is pretty good. But "The Wall" stuff... what the...? That's garbage! What was Roger Waters thinking? What an arrogant overblown twat he was! It's pure rubbish. [Apologies to the millions of diehard 'Wall' fans - but I sure aint one of them!]. Oh, excluding "Run Like Hell" and "Comfortably Numb", of course. The rest is... [expletive deleted]. I guess I really really enjoy 'Echoes" off "Meddle", "Dark Side of the Moon" and "Wish You Were Here". Most everything else I've heard of their other stuff after this is not... well... they went off in a different vein, I guess? Once Roger Waters took over, he kinda killed it for me. I appreciate they loved to explore major themes, but they kinda just lost the 'vibe' they once had. And this is coming from someone who isn't really a major Pink Floyd 'fan', as such. i just appreciate some of their stuff. Anyways, "Dark Side of the Moon" is the bees knees, baby! Yeah!

I've started doing some volunteer work at the local "Meals on Wheels" kitchen one day a week. Tis fun - controlled chaos, really! Sure is a lot different to when I used to go with my Nan to deliver meals to shut-ins when I was a kid! Wow, now that's an old memory! Nan used to have a blue small Mazda station wagon, and occasionally I'd go with her as she delivered meals to various people in their homes in Mosman. I can still smell the hot steaming roasts and gravy, in those tinfoil-wrapped plates in the large blue esky. Aint it funny the things you remember sometimes? It's all different now tho, of course... all prepackaged stuff etc.

I finally remembered to make a "Repair Request Report" at the Real Estate this arvo. It's not that I've been putting it off for the past few months - I just simply kept forgetting about it! It's amazing what you put up with sometimes, huh? There's two internal doors that don't shut properly, and I'm something of a "Tim the Toolman" when it comes to household repairs... in other words I might totally destroy the doors if I try to fix 'em! heh heh. The other thing is the automatic garage door. The thing that makes it go up and down is on its way out... works somedays, not on others. That wouldn't be a major problem, except you can't seem to 'disconnect' the door from the thing to make it secure! In other words - I can't lock it without the motor thingy working properly, which it sure isn't! Anyways... it's secure at the moment, but it probably just needs a screw or a bolt somewhere... gawd I sure don't know! That's the beauty of rentals... if it's busted, someone else can fix it! muwahahahahaaa. Not that I go out of my way to bust things! Nu uh!

Monday, June 25, 2007

1. How many times a month/year do you see the sunrise? Only once or twice this time of year... too cold! It was -5c/23f the other morning! Gagh!
2. How many times a week/month do you see the sunset? About 4 or 5 times... depends if I'm out and about still at that time of day.
3. Do you go out at night and "gaze" at the stars? Sure do! I adore laying on my back and just staring into infinity. I have a small telescope exactly for that purpose.
4. Do you ever look for star clusters, such as the big dipper, etc? I try to, but I don't always succeed in knowing exactly which ones I'm actually looking at.
5. Do you look for planets at night (with or without a telescope)? Sometimes yes. A few months ago when Mars was really visiable [or was that last year? Can't remember...] also Venus is usuallu easy to spot. I've tried unsuccessfully to hunt around for Jupiter and Saturn, but haven't tried really hard yet...
6. Are you able to see the northern lights where you live? If so, about how often do they come around? Definitely not. Not even the Southern ones elther! heh heh
7. Do you like going outside during a thunderstorm and watching the lightening? Absolutely yes yes yes! I adore it! "Heaven's Fireworks".
8. Do you have any really neat weather pictures? PLEASE, feel free to share them!
Sunset from my front doorway, 5th March 2007

Monday Music Mambo
Hello mamboers! Today is Leon Day. The only musical Leon I know of is Leonard Cohen.

Name your favorite Leonard Cohen song. Hmmm... well, to be honest. I've never really had an appreciation for Leonard Cohen. I thought, "I should have a Leonard Cohen CD in my collection", so a few months ago I bought one of those 'Essential' anothogies. Basically... I've played it once. It just doesn't do anything for me. The only thing that connects me in any way to him or his music/writing, is the fact that he has a home on my favourite Greek island, Hydra :)

And, to make the meme longer, name a few songs you've been loving a lot recently.
  • "Distant Sun" - Crowded House
  • "Jenny Artichoke" - Kaleidescope [1968]
  • "Angels Heap" - The Finn Bros
  • All of Pink Floyd's 1973 masterpiece "Dark Side of the Moon"

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  1. I take it it is winter there where you are??? Wish we had some of that cool weather here. It is in the 90's and humid. Love that sunset picture. Thanks for the visit.