Friday, 29 June 2007

(*) Quiet Night In

A quiet day - and night - in! The weather was bleakish, plus the footy on the tube tonite wasn't much chop either. Oh well, such is life. JD had his last youth group meeting of this school term, so they weren't even at home to phone either. Le sigh. I didn't even do the dishes... oh wow... there's like 2 rinsed bowls on the side of the sink! So sue me!

This morning and this afternoon I spent online, basically [ahh, the joys of broadband access sometimes - even when you've reached your download limit for the month, it's about the same speed as my old dial-up was on a good day, so I'm not complaining!]. I tweaked this blog and the new Book Catalogue one a bit as well. I'll fiddle with that for a while until I get it into some sort of system I'm happy with. I haven't spent half a day online in ages! Normally I do it in like 2 or 3 hour passages with a good break in between, if I'm gonna do it! Ohh! Norty Mallard!

Tonight I watched the third and final of the "Matrix" thingies from a borrowed library DVD. It was 'good' but not excellent. Some of the battle scenes were well done, but the whole thing seems, to me, to be an overblown pretentious piece of old twat! Throw in as many cultural religious and theological references you can, add some way-out sci-fi, some deadpan acting, lots of groovy sunglasses, and you have it... I'm glad I finally got the chance to watch it tho. I watched the first two about two years ago. I appreciate what they're trying to do, but it doesn't 'do' anything for me, folks.

This arvo I've been fiddling with this, and added all the DVD's I own onto it, so you can see what I've been watching etc. Sadly I can't list films I've only borrowed and don't own... bummer! I borrow quiet a few from the library from time to time too. Just a few weeks ago I borrowed the perennial old favourite "The African Queen" - Bogart and Hepburn were practically perfect in it... and of course it all works out in the end! yay! \o/

There's only three DVD's I own that aren't listed in the database! Gagh! One is a generic WWII battleships one, but the other two are favourites!
  • "The Complete Adventures of Lano and Woodley" - is a great Aussie comedy by a sensational duo, a very earthy sit-com about two young blokes and the ridiculous situations they get themselves into. Hilarious!
  • "All Aussie Adventures - Series 1 & 2 - The Full Coight" by Glen Robbins is a gorgeous pisstake of all those 'Mike and Mal Leyland' outback TV shows... if there's anything he can ferk up, ol' Rusty Coight will find a way to do it!

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