Wednesday, 11 April 2007

(*) Pewter Sungold

My housemate will no longer be my housemate after May 5th! She's gone and bought a place of her own! Boo hoo! The next few weeks will be working out swapping over power, phone, gas etc etc, and making sure the Real Estate don't fuck-up changing the lease over to my name. I don't really want to move, so this is the best option for me - just stay here and get a new housemate in the near future. I'm really happy here, and I've been living here for almost FOUR years now... it'll be four years in June! Believe it or not, but this will be the longest time I have lived at the same address for the past [grabs his calculator] 24-ish years! Seriously! No wonder I don't want to move! I'm really happy and excited for my housemate, tho. Good on her! She's a bit stressed with all the paperwork involved in buying and setting up a brand new house... she'll be a first-time homeowner, so it's all a new experience for her. Good for her.

Wednesday has somehow become "Fishtank water-changing day" at my place... no biggie... Thoon fishie likes some water refreshed every week. Except today was a bit different... the water out of the tap was BROWN! Of course, I didn't realise this [thanx to my purple fishie-water bucket!] until AFTER the water was poured into his tank! Gagh! Luckily the filters I've got going in there have cleared about 90% of it now [about four hours later], but it looked pretty darn murky in there for a while! Poor Captain Thoon! Right now he's swimming away happily.

On another thought... I received an email from a chap in Brisbane possibly interested in buying my other sailing dinghy, the Solo "Wyreema". Ooooh... I haven't sailed it since before I got my Laser in December, and I hadn't really thought about what I was going to do with it. I need to ask around a bit before I can give the buy a 'ballpark' selling figure, as I really have no idea for that type of boat! I know I got it myself for a good price, but I won't be selling it with my trailer, so it won't be as much. Hmmm... stay tuned...

Here's photos of mah boys taken just last weekend over Easter (click on the pic to see the pics)

Here's some car racing pics too [and the post about it too]

Take Me Back Tuesday - Week 118
This week's theme is "friendship"

Do you have any friends online or otherwise that you share similar musical tastes with? Have you ever made a new friend because of a band that you both like?
Yes yes... Karin is now in her early 20's and lives in Stockholm, Sweeden... we first met online in an online discvussion about The Beatles! She even sent me films and video clips she found online to me on 2 CDs! heh heh We were both big fans of British 60's pop music like The Beatles, Herman's Hermits etc. She was about 15 then, so it's been a few years! I've seen her grow thru schooling to boyfriends to Uni to leaving home! Very cool!

What's the best musical gift you were ever given by a friend and in return...what is the best musical gift (IYO) that you've given a friend.
My dad bought me my first acoustic [steel-string] guitar when I was 16, a black Ibanez Dreadnaught Jumbo, with a beautifully rich, thick tone. Sadly "Brian" [as I lovingly named it] broke her neck about 10 years ago [accidently], and she was beyond repair! I was devistated at the time! I adored that guitar!
I once sung a song to my fiance on stage with the band I was once with, and we both blushed thru it, tho I don't think it was a very good song, when I think about it! It was a version of The Monkee's "I'm a Believer"! hahahahahaaa. Ahhh, the joys of youth!

Pick one of your friends...and tell us a few songs that remind you of them...and tell us why you picked those songs.
Katie is a friend from another country. She's lovely, kind and polite, but still is confident in herself enough to call things as she seems 'em! I think Paul McCartney's "Bluebird" would be a suitable song for her... a near-perfect pop song, short, sweet, gentle, happy and pleasant. It'd be nice to sit together and learn to sing and play it together. [sigh]

for today...
Leonard Cohen - The Essential Leonard Cohen Skyhooks - The Latest and Greatest Pink Floyd - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn
What an eccentric mix of music, Mal! heh heh

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  1. you like the monkees and the beatles... Yay! Oh and Herman's Hermits!

    Thanks for playing and sharing your stories.

  2. The boys are getting so big! they are going to be heart breakers. Looks like you had a great time.
    I hope there was a reason for brown water?! And i hope it's couldn't drink it.

  3. The brown water? Who knows? Maybe they were flushing the water mains somnewhere and we just copped some of the after-effects? A bust pipe? Who knows? Oh, it was quite drinkable, and all fine and clear again now. Tis just one of the joys of living in a regional area.
    Mal :)