Thursday, 12 April 2007

(*) 11 years ago today

11 years ago today my dad passed away. Ya of course I still miss him, especially in the last few years when I've been focussed a lot on sailing. Dad gave me my passion for 'wet-bum' [ie. dinghy] sailing, and I often say a quick 'Thank you dad!' when I'm out on the water. He would have been 77 if he was still alive.

Ya, I still miss ya, ya old coot! lol

There's often moments when I'm trying to remember something, or one thing has triggered an old memory, and I'll think, Oh, dad'll know the answer to that...", and want to ring him... but of course. Yeah, it's not overwhelming after 11 years, but it's still tinged with sadness. He was a good father to me, altho I must have been a real ratbag when I was an older teenager.

The boys and I are going 10-pin bowling tomorrow, so thanx to the School Holidays we can hang out a bit more. Their Nan has arrived as well, so they'll have plenty to keep them occupied for these school break! heh heh

JD [my eldest] came home yesterday from his working day in the cauliflower fields with a raging migrane, poor bloke. He gets about one a year... I've only had one in my life (when I was about 16), so I totally sympathyse with him. They sure are NOT pleasant!

The brown water yesterday? Who knows? Maybe they were flushing the water mains somewhere and we just copped some of the after-effects? A bust pipe somewhere down the line? Who knows? Oh, it was quite drinkable, and all fine and clear again now. Tis just one of the joys of living in a regional area. And yes, Thoon's water is quite clear now.
The things you buy somedays... I dropped by one of our three local 'Op Shops' last week, and grabbed myself another woollen beanie for my head in the coming cooler months. Now I've got two woolen ones, rather than just the old old old synthetic one I had for years and years... wool next to the head is lovely and warm - even out sailing when I start 'frostbiting' this winter! Gagh! I must be mad! heh heh

I asked around a bit to get some sort of idea as to what price I should put on my little Solo boat, and I've come up with a good fair price. I'll offer it to the guy up in Brisbane and see how he responds. Fingers crossed.

for today...
Now, I'm not mucking about! This seriously is a real album by a real band! The Peanut Butter Conspiracy! From 1967, the heights of psychadelia! Truth!
The Peanut Butter Conspiracy - The Peanut Butter Conspiracy Is Spreading

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  1. Poor guy-migraine's are horrible. I've had them off and on for years and my mom has had them bad enough she's had to go to the hospital for drugs. Yuck.
    As for brown water-hopefully you weren't washing anything in the wash machine. The city once turned off water for a few minutes and when it came back on it was brown and suddenly my white sheets in the wash was brown also! Never was able to get it out.
    Sorry to hear about your dad-mine is still alive and I can't fathom living without him.

  2. Your dad left you with alot of pleasant memories and taught you a great hobby. When my father dies i hope that i can sit back and think of great things about him.

  3. That's a lovely way og appreciating and loving your Dad by saying Thankyou mate. I see he was also a Scout, fantastic. I htink it shouild be compulsary for kids to go into Scouting or Guides, they learn so much about themselves, and what they can and cant do.

    I hope you continue to miss your Dad everyday, it shows a loving heart. hugs.xxxxxxxxx

  4. It's good you have all the memories of you father...Memories keep people close long after they are gone.

    The Peanut Butter Conspiracy? I must look into this band...simply because of the name.