Wednesday, 21 March 2007

(*) Why 'Gherkin'?!?

So, why "Gherkin"? So, what's the whole "Gherkin" thing about...?!? Simple! It's the nickname for my boat!

Anyways... what exactly is a 'gherkin'...?!?

Previous security and privacy issues I was having on my old blog have now been successfully addressed and dealt with. I've been able to IP ban certain visitors, which will stop norty eyes seeing things that aint their business! heh heh Anyways, my blogging adventure continues...

I've spent the day on-and-off with my head stuck in this freaking computer [well, it seems like it... heh heh] updating various new photos and bits and pieces at the Carcoar Dam Sailing Club webpage.

Mr Hoon had an hour spare between student at TAFE, so we had morning tea together. I always enjoy our extremely casually relaxed 'smokos' together over a nice cuppa, just chatting away and catching up. We always seem to have something to talk about, even after spending hours in the car together last week. That's a good thing, ya I think so. Tomorrow I'm going out to carcoar dam to check up on my Solo boat, just to make sure it's still alright and wrapped up safe and sound from the elements. I haven't sailed it since November. I don't want to sell or get rid of it, but I feel kinda stoopid having two boats!

Tonight I attended my part-time MYOB refresher training course - now I'm feeling kinda brain-dead! I got thru the tasks and stuff fine, but it was kinda just 'going thru the motions'... i really need to make a few hours before this weekend and sit down and go thru it all again, so this time it will stick in my head a bit better... I literally got out of the class, sat in my car, and thought to myself, "You know... I have no idea what I've been doing for the past two hours!" rofl

U2 - Under a Blood Red Sky

Wednesday Mind Hump
...tomorrow's theme, International Goof Off Day.

List your top five methods of goofing off.
Oooo.... a challenge...
i] sitting in front of the computer mindlessly surfing
ii] sitting in front of the computer hoping it will solve a problem it cannot possibly...
iii] sitting watching the cricket or footy on the big screen TV at the local RSL Club
iv] Sitting in my car, parked, listening to extremely distant radio signals on my car radio.
v] Sitting on my butt in my Laser [boat] when there's no wind and not making any attempt to come back to shore at all...

Interesting... they all involved me sitting on mah butt! hahahaaa


  1. Cool answers. hehe. I say whatever gets the job done, even if it *IS* sitting the whole time!!

    I found you on BDI. I thought I would say hi. :)

  2. I bet it's extremely relaxing out on the boat. I would love to do something like that.

  3. Lasers were an interesting class. Did a bit of mucking about in 'em when I was a teen, but I suspect my 20 stone wouldn't be of much use these days, except as a storm drogue in a full gale...

  4. I need advise as to a great place to stay near Lake Macquarie please mate. Will be there next week, any ideas?

  5. I'm glad you stayed at it mal, thanks for your website..

    I see you been really busy with sailing and working on the new site.

    I'm glad to be back online and i really love my new computer.

  6. Patty... the choices around Lake Macquarie are highly numerous, as are the towns to stay at! We stayed at a nice small quiet motel in South Belmont called the "Comfort Inn" which was nice. But be assured you can go from camping on the beach to a 5-Star resort in the region!