Friday, 23 March 2007

(*) Metronome Ice Water Kisses

Ahmed Ahmed Ahmed - my old buddy! I can't respond to your emails because they keep bouncing back to me with the message "No such user"!!! What is your email address?!?

Good timing... my secondhand laptop I've had for a few months seems to have died at last. Luckily I transfered all the info on it to my desktop last month, huh? I'd been having some weird power problems lately, and it worked fine last night. This morning I was going to try to send the above email to Ahemd using the laptop (to see if tyhat might make some sort of weird difference...), but it wouldn't even load Windows today... oh well. I'll leave it alone for a while and try again... I can't complain tho. The laptop was a bargain second-hand thing anyways! It's been running perfectly until recently. Oh well. It happens. No dramas.
Yesterday I went out to CDSC for a few hours, with the primary aim of checking on my other little boat (which was fine). I ended-up not moving or adjusting any of the covering over it yet, as in another month or so I'll be back out there to put it back on the trailer and store it for the winter! Gagh! End of the sailing season already...? Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!

Mr Hoon and I arranged to meet there at about 11 o'clock to do a bit of two-hands-needed-work on one of the motorboats... even with two hands we couldn't change the propeller-guard without the aide of some more powerful drilling tools! Gagh! I don't have anyhting like that myself, but Mr Hoon sure has... we'll get back and finish that small 5-minute-job-that-took-one-hour soon. But afterwards I was able to sit out there on my own and enjoy my snack-lunch sitting under a tree overlooking the dam... ahhh, not a bad way to go!

Mr Hoon appeared with yet another boat on the back of a trailer... an old 'Vagabond' that's in need of much TLC... I have no idea if the Sailing Club want it as a family training boat... if not Mr Hoon says he'll buy it himself and keep it! Her's got a regular small flotilla of small sailing dinghies sitting in his assorted sheds on his small out-of-town property... must be about five-or-so! What made me smile was his comment, "My wife will not be impressed to see me arrive with yet another boat...", because I can still hear my own mum saying exactly the same thing about my dad! hahahahaaa!

Afterwards is did my fortnightly shopping at "Aldi" - do you have a preferred supermarket or shopping place that use use? I like it because it's got everything I basically need at a great price, it's quick simple and easy (must be a 'male' supermarket, huh? heh heh).
After I got home yesterday I burnt myself a copy of a whole lot of Beatles tracks from various CDs I already own... like a compelation to use in the car. Yeah, I know, I burnt like 35 CDs for the car a few months ago, but I realised in a flash of inspiration yesterday that I hadn't taken anything off these particular CDs, for some bizarre unknown reason! Basically they're just uptempo rock'n'roll Beatles stuff from their early years. From their studio albums, anthology and BBD CDs - yay! Something to sing along with and play air-drums to whilst driving... shhusshhh! Don't tell anyone I play 'air-drums' whilst driving, OK?! hahahaaa

Poor Thoon fishie... I had my laptop with its screen in the 'up' position sitting on the table in front of him this morning (which is not where I normally put it), trying to get the laptop to do something (unsuccessfully... but not a huge problem). When I closed it, poor Mr Thoon freaked-out at the sudden revelation of light and tried to burrow his way out of the back wall of his tank! Gagh! I guess he didn't expect his nice quiet cozy dull world hiding behind a laptop screen to be rudely interuppted! But, he took all of 20 seconds to recover... then I fed him, and it's like nothing had happened! hahahaha.
Random thought... this post of Zinnia's reminded me of it... the other week I was driving down the road, when all of a sudden I had to pull over *hard* to the left (ie. that's the correct-side of the road here! heh heh), as an on-coming car thought it would be a good idea to drive exactly down the MIDDLE of the road! As the little yellow Corolla dawdled past, sure enough... a tiny little-old-lady - literally all I could see of her was the very top of her head poking out above the dashboard!!! - was driving extermely conservatively - but straight down the middle of the road!!! Gagh! She drove on, totally oblivious...

Ooooh... I literally just got an email letting me know... end-of-term parent-teacher interview nights for SJ and Ix (my two younger sons) are coming up! Oooohhh! I always enjoy those.

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  1. We are finally getting nice weather over here.
    although it really hasn't been our worst winter.