Tuesday, 20 March 2007

(*) Spiders

A funny story... we were sitting on the shore awaiting our race time to come around last Friday up at the Belmont Access Regatta. There were some school-age teenagers taking some Laser sailing dinghies out for their water activity with their school. On one boat, we all watched in stunned amazement as one girl, in the process of sliding the centreboard into the boat, suddenly screamed and leaped straight out of the boat into waist-deep water! "A spider! Spider! EEEEKKK..." she shrilled...

Must have been some massive hairy viscious spider ready to strike fear into some poor innocent schoolgirl, hiding menacingly in a sailboat..

Mind you... it was a tiny little house spider, no bigger than your fingernail...

We all got a great laugh out of it. She was eventually persuaded to get back into the boat and out she went...

The fate of the spider is unknown at this point in time.
Here's the photos of my trip sailing at Belmont last week...

The Band - Music From Big Pink


  1. Dear Mr Gherkin, you remind me of someone... can't quite put my finger on it... ;-) Didn't think you'd stay quiet for long!! Good to see you back in action.

  2. Good too see you here too, Miss Cyclamen! Thank nyou! ya, tis good now [thumbs up]