Saturday, 24 March 2007

(*) The Friday Five

I've discovered another Meme for Friday, as my previous Friday Meme seems to have died, sadly! With thanx to the Memes List!

1. If you could suddenly speak one language fluently (that you don't currently speak) what would it be? Greek, absolutely! I still have a dream to visit the Greek island of Hydra - perhaps even this year!

2. If you were to suggest a foreign film, that you really enjoyed, what one would you suggest? Oooh... bugger! I can't remember the name of it, but it's a Norwegian film... that just doesn't help much, does it...? Mr Hoon told me all about it, but the name has totally slipped my mind. he said it was brilliant, a real sobber - but in a positive way!

3. If you had to call another country home (other than the one you currently live in) what one would you choose? Canada. It's similar in lots of ways to Australia. And it's not as frantic as some other places I could live in.

4. If you went out to buy an import music CD, what one would you buy? Hmmm... well, I've probably got all the CDs I'll ever need, after a good years hard searching! golly!

5. If you were to chose an ethnic dinner, what would it be? Greek... a nice rich Greek salad! yum yum!

1. What was your favorite animated cartoon series when you were little? Kimba the White Lion

2. What was your favorite "live action" children's series when you were little? Hmmm... Skippy? I'm not sure off the top of my head... oh I know... The Super Flying Fun Show! hahahaaa

3. Who is your favorite muppet character? Snufalupagus...

4. Take the quiz: What is your Sesame Street personality? Elmo the little red monster, absolutely!

5. Have you ever appeared on a locally-produced children's show, or would you have ever wanted to? Well, I used to do some clowning when we ran kids clubs during school holidays and things like that... a clown can get away saying all sorts of stuff a 'real person' can't... but, mind you, as a clown you need a small flotilla of personal bodyguards with you, otherwise the kids will just cream you! rofl

6. Cartoons like "The Flintstones," though animated, were really intended for adults. What's your favorite adult (non-porn) cartoon? I originally said "Kimba", but no no, of course... "The Simpsons"! Says what needs to be said about our ailing society! Homer is a post-modern god!

Name the last seven specific items that you purchased at the grocery store.
  • Cheese corn chips
  • Loaf of bread
  • Button mushrooms
  • A dozen eggs
  • A hand of bananas
  • Sour cream
  • Mangoes
  • Milk!

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  1. Thanks for playing my 'Saturday Six' and 'Sunday Seven.' Hope you'll be back!

  2. OMG...i did not think anyone remember Kimba the white lion...that was my absolute favorite cartoon when i was a kid. My second was pede puppy.
    That brought back a flood of memories. Captain caveman was another.