Saturday, 24 March 2007

(*) Election Joke

Only 90 minutes into counting of the votes from today's State Election, it seems the sitting Government will be re-elected. Bugger :(

"NATIONAL Party Leader Andrew Stoner has conceded the Iemma Labor Government has won the NSW election." Who are these fucking loosers? Holy shit...

Just three hours after the polls closed, literally as I type, Peter Dednam has conceeded defeat already!!! Geebus!!! Not that i voted Liberal/National, but still... I thought it would be closer than this...

Peter Dednam's defeatest comments earlier this week "has dire consequences for coalition candidates running against independents - he says voters think "Well the Libs say they've lost, I'm now going to vote independent."
Other words heard in the (tally) room in relation to the early concession are 'stupid' and 'disastrous'. "

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