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“Lancelot's Pram” Solo Music and Album (2009)

“Lancelot's Pram” Solo Music and Album (2009)

  • Songs from the 2009 home-made album, "Lancelot's Pram", by Mal Kiely
  • All music composed*, arranged, performed and recorded by Mal Kiely (Lancelot's Pram).
  • Recorded at home 2009, Bathurst NSW Australia
  • Album running time: 56:45
  • Stereo ~ Made in Australia ~ TNB002  © 2009 Mal Kiely
  • Copyright © 2009 Mal Kiely / Lancelot's Pram. All Rights Reserved.

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“I know I’m not that good, but at least I’m having fun doing it...”


01 Mirror Mirror

02 I Know I’m Not Crazy 

03 Free As a Bird

04 What Am I Gonna Do?

05 For Sale* (Robert Lowell, lyrics)

06 Better Days

07 Must Be the Black Dog

08 On the Night (We First Met)

09 Sunrise

10 Must Be a Better Way

11 Latin Swells

12 Wave Hello

13 Bread and Milk

14 Maggie’s Farm* (Bob Dylan)

15 You Won’t Remember My Name

16 Helen of Troy* (Robert Lowell, lyrics) (bonus)

17 All I Want Is In You (out-take)

18 Alone the King (out-take)

19 When Tomorrow Comes (out-take)

20 Working Class Hero* (John Lennon) (out-take)

➽ NOTE: Lyrics and details of each song can befound with the individual songs here.

➽ Album Reviews

  • "I really like the 'All I Want Is In You '! It made me cry" - Trixie, Ohio
  • "Sounds good Mal, I think your singing sounds better here than with the band" - Peter, NSW
  • "Really good vibes. Excellent." - Colin, London
  • "It's wonderful! Great job and many different types of songs. I love it!" - Paula, Michigan

➽ Notes about making the album "Lancelot's Pram"...

Electric, acoustic and classical guitars, bass guitars, piano, keyboards, drum loops, percussion, harmonica and all vocals and silly noises performed by Mal Kiely.

Recorded at the Ambient Abode Studio and Milltown Carillon Theatrical Society Hall, Bathurst NSW Australia, over winter 2009.

Engineered, recorded and mixed using the Boss BR-1200 CD and mastered using Audacity by Mal Kiely.

"A good time was had by us".

This was recorded on-and-off during Winter 2009 at home, as a joyous labour of love. Complete with moments of chirping birds outside, washing machines and Thoon's goldfish tank burbling away in the background somewhere... and a norty squeaky chair...

In the end (being a closet perfectionist) I'm not completely happy with the finished result, to be honest. Partially it's my limited skills as a player, definitely my limited talent as a vocalist and a songwriter, and finally my limited understanding of using the technology to its full potential. I've reached the dizzying heights of mediocrity! The mixes aren't perfect, but it's the same as who I am - nobody's perfect, thank goodness. It's like I said, "I know I'm not that good, but at least I'm having fun doing it" - that's the focus behind this album, for sure... just enjoying creating the sound.

I really missed having a pool of like-minded musical people to collaborate with on writing, arrangements, recording, mixing and instrumentation during this whole process. I've utilized free online drumloops from the internet, which replace what I would otherwise have preferred to have been the joys of working alongside a real live drummer. An extra pair of fresh external ears would have come in handy when it came to mixing too, but that's what happens when you attempt to do things like this all on your own. However, in the end I'm happy that I've got a vehicle that introduces concepts of small handfuls of my music to listeners.

Major periods of debilitating 'black dog' depression in my life have prevented me until now from perusing much with my music, but I soldier on. I've waited twenty years to finally do this, so that's something I can finally share with others. 50% of these songs for this project are brand new this year, which encourages me.

I know people will be pleasantly surprised by this album, but I know it's not gonna change the world - and that's quite OK with me.

In the end it's just about the music, that's all. I hope you enjoy the sounds I've created here as much as I did making them. Thank you.

Mal Kiely, Bathurst NSW Australia, July 2009

➽ Sincerely dedicated to Josh, Seb and Alex.

I love you guys endlessly!

Many thanks to Alexander Macdonald, Dave Welch, John Binnion, Dave Smith, Bums on Seats Promotions (Bathurst), The Kings Hotel (Bathurst), Julian Bennett, Matthew "Black Hawk" Hawkey, Eddie Waqavesi, Michael Mannolini, Toni Farlow, Steve Brook, Anita Willey & Peter Mills, Timothy Hone, Penni Lennon & Bruno Koenig, Donna Page, Vaughn Lessing, Ahmed Youssef, Antoinette Jaimeson.

Thanks David and Colleen for your understanding - I love you.

Thanks mum and dad - I really miss you guys.

Copyright © 2009 Mal Kiely / Lancelots Pram. All Rights Reserved.

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Peas be with ewe 

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