Monday, 31 December 2018

Tears Are OK

If you’re crying right now, it’s okay.
If you’re broken right now, it’s okay.
If you feel alone right now, it’s okay.

It’s okay not to be okay.
It’s okay to hurt.
But most importantly, it’s okay to be human.

Everyone cries.
Everyone hurts.
Everyone feels alone sometimes.

Being strong is difficult when you are living with a condition like MS due to the wide range of issues or symptoms we have to face.

However as the wording in the picture say some times you need to let the tears out.

Remember that Tears are often the bodies way to release valve to get rid of tension, stress etc. These tears can make us feel better or improve or thoughts or view of life. 
We should never be ashamed of tears they are a natural human act and are part of human nature.

While all of this is true it is important to remember that once this has happened you need to pick yourself up and move as soon as you can.

(Source and thanks to: timthemsbear )

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