Saturday, 6 May 2017

A NEW writing project!

I've been tacking away at a book-writing project over the last c.four weeks, but after some contemplation, I am going to put that aside for now, and begin with something afresh from scratch.

Simply - the content of what I was writing about was still getting me down, emotionally, even 3+ years after the actual incidents I was writing about had happened. Too many angsty memories being refreshed - and it's not healthy for me at the moment. So, that little project is "On Hold" for now.

This new one may be just a short story, instead. It came to me in a dream very recently (basically), and it seemed so real and powerful, it has stuck in my consciousness since. I've [working draft] called it "Old Soul".

What it'll be about will develop in time, but for now it's [basically] about how two totally-different people connect, and relate to the confusion of others around them.

Oh yes, I know - all very plain-vanilla!

I need to get this story down in writing, as the thoughts, concepts and fleshing out of the characters, interplay, situation and environment are all very real to me, in my imagination.

I think it's simply a subconscious extension of working through my current 'alone-ness'. (Note: I am not "looking" - not at all!)

I'm no great writer - I haven't had any writing published in like 30+ years - and that was only a short story and some poems (in magazines long gone now).

I need to do something, and this writing project may be of greater mental benefit for me at the moment.

Peas be with ewe 

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