Sunday, 19 March 2017

Slight Hand Tremors

For many years, I very occasionally had very slight hand tremors. I usually am not even aware of them. I always thought they were a symptom of my Bi-Polar (as one of my few symptoms of my 'highs'). I clearly recall a radio colleague saying to me, c.6 years ago, "Do you notice that your hands shake slightly sometimes?" I just put it down to the 'excitement' of the depression, at the time.

However, I now realise that these 'tremors' are symptoms of MS as well. When I had my MRI brain scan in December, there were a few small white 'lesions' on my brain that showed up (as well as the major one on my spine, in my neck). My neurologist said they could have been there for years, and I'd not even been aware of them at all.

Perhaps these slight hand tremors were an early symptom of MS, that I simply missed, out of pure ignorance? I'll never know.

I'm not overthinking this... just some food for thought.

Peas be with ewe 

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