Monday, 13 March 2017

I Miss the Old Me

I miss the old me - click for a great blog post from "A Punk With MS" about this very thing.

It's still all part of the 'grieving process' for me, I think...

Yesterday's Pengopuss jazz quintet gig went brilliantly. It felt good playing, felt good together, and was well received - an added bonus.

My right hand (guitar strumming hand) was numb, tho... no-one even noticed when I dropped a pick, and just kept going (I learnt that trick 30 years ago!) My left hand was reasonably quite OK, to finger chords etc, thankfully. I'm subconsciously ADAPTING to this whole fxcking MS thing, which is part of the strategy, I've heard.

I guess part of "missing the old me", is that I have to think of these things now... I can't just 'jump in and do it' so well any more... it's more 'planned spontenaity'... some days it feels a struggle to keep leaving the 'old me' behind (while celebrating it!), and moving on with the 'new positives' ahead... [just thinking aloud].
"I have MS - MS doesn't have me" - @SeelieKay

Article:  Trying to Look Forward not Backwards 

Peas be with ewe 

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