Tuesday, 31 January 2017

One Day At a Time - As Always

31 January 2017

My hands were feeling quite 'spongy' yesterday, simply because I was feeling anxious about telling my sons about my MS. I knew it'd be OK, and of course everything did go just fine... but I guess I was still feeling a little anxious about it.

This morning (the next day), I awoke, and my hands feel less 'spongy', so perhaps... less personal anxious stress affects my hands? Just a thought.

Maybe, part of it was that I knew I was going to go "public" with my diagnosis. Of course, I'd already told most of those people in my 'inner circle' (so to speak), but yeah... I know not everyone will understand, there will be a sense of confusion, even fear. I'm just rolling with it. I also appreciate that for some people, they won't/don't understand why I share stuff about myself online, either. That's OK, too.

I'm not feeling down or negative about it all, either (thankfully). Sure, I'm not exactly 'bubbling with joy', but I'm not sulking about contemplating my own belly-button, either.

One thing that struck me last night... even tho it's been a few years since I've been out there (Carcoar Dam Sailing Club), I won't be able to go sailing anymore... the ropes and tiller would slide straight out of my hand! D'oh! That's OK, tho... the Universe must have known there was a time coming, as to why I had to [sadly] part with my little sailing dinghy c. 5 years ago. Just to cushion the shock of what is happening now, perhaps?

Some of the typos that I keep making tho are quite funny... luckily for spellcheck, you don't get to see most of them! 😉

Peas be with ewe 

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