Tuesday, 31 January 2017

My Sons

I met with my three sons today, to explain with them face-to-face about my MS situation. I was feeling a little anxious about it, but all worked out just fine. My goodness, they all look just GREAT!

They're MEN now! Aren't they handsome beasts? 😊 😃
Ix is 18, SJ is 20, and JD is 23.

This was SEVENTEEN years ago!
(JD was diagnosed with a hip condition, [for just a month] just before his 8th birthday, which put him in a wheelchair... it has no lasting ill effects at all, thankfully!)

Peas be with ewe 


  1. They took it all in their stride. You brought them up well. They will be there to help you out if you need it and when they can, I'm sure. Hugs.