Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The joys of getting older

Ahhh... these are the things they don't tell you about, when you're 25! hahahahaa

I'm having a day surgery procedure this Friday, a "Colonoscopy". It's to ensure things going on inside me are going well, and nothing has/is turning 'nasty'.

The preparation is "interesting" [note the loaded word! lol]... I'm basically consuming nothing but [filtered] water from this afternoon (Wednesday), and on Thursday afternoon I have 3 hours to drink 3 litres of a solution - it's basically cleans out everything inside, so that the camera has a clear view inside me on Friday! Needless to say, I am housebound [cough... ie. 'close to my toilet!'] until the proceedure on Friday!

The catch-22 is... everywhere I seem to go on social media today, is filled with images of delicious food! Not fair, when I'm not allowed to eat anything! hahahahahaa!

I'm not anxious or anything about it - it's a bi-annual proceedure I have to undergo (to keep a safe eye on things), and I'll be home again on Friday evening - all being well. I've had to stop taking my blood thinners from today (so I don't bleed too much!)

Thank goodness, I have so much good music to enjoy, while I'm sitting around, unable to do much until Friday!

It all sound yuccky, doesn't it - well, it is! - but it's a pretty simple proceedure, and I'll be right as rain afterwards. I'll have to skip Pengopuss rehearsal on Thursday night, plus I'll have to miss my normal radio program for this Friday night, but I'm looking forward to attending the wedding ceremony of one of our Community Radio team on Saturday! Plus I'm hoping to catch up with a good friend there as well - the daughter of a radio colleague... no no, it's nothing like that - she's just 12! lol. We always catch-up for a good chat when we can (with her dad, of course!), ever since she was about 7 - we just click, and have silly fun as well.

Ahh... the joys of getting older, huh?

Peas be with ewe