Wednesday, 21 January 2015

After a year - I finally have my own car again!

After a year of lots of great walking (which I'm not going to stop!), buses, taxis, or scrounging lifts from friends... I finally have a car of my own again, to be able to get around! Yay!

It's a "definitely pre-loved" 1990 Ford Telstar TX-5 Ghia - and it runs really really well. Included TEN months registration + new tyres + new battery.

Here's a positive as well... I ended-up selling my previous car (at a huge loss) for $300 in Warwick... THIS car has cost me $290 incl. transferring the registration. So, in a funny way, I'm actually ahead of the raw deal I received with my previous car up in Warwick!

A HUGE thank you to Peter Drew at Rosconi Bros in Bathurst, for the amazing deal. Seriously - thank you! I feel encouraged and appreciated.

Having access to a car again basically means that I can see my sons a whole lot more often than I have been able to (until now), that I have transport for work prospects (this has been a huge hurdle), that I can start performing live music again (transporting gear etc), and I might even get re-involved with sailing out at Carcoar Dam... but we'll see about that one (for now).

Peas be with ewe 


  1. Enjoy your new found mobility, Mal. But definitely keep up the walking. And certainly don't let the "cruising for chicks" interfere with the Pram's Album Show.

  2. I quite assure you, Don... 'crusing for chicks' just isn't my style! hahahahahaa