Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Helping Hand

It's been kinda satisfying, being able to help-out a few novice yet keen older local musicians over the past few months.

I played guitar alongside a similar-aged bloke, who sung and played keyboards, at a Charity Appeal Concert the other Saturday night. Pete (the keyboard player) and I met thru the band I was working in recently. He performed three of his original songs on the night, and wanted some moral support (hence me backing on basic guitar) while he played them in public for the first time. The evening was a positive, as it's always part of my psyche to 'help' people to become/feel better about what they are trying to achieve. So this kinda thing sat right up my street.

He's slowly becoming quite a positive friend to me, a new one, since moving back here to Bathurst.

On the same vibe, I've been meeting with a similar group of older musicians, who've picked-up the "music thing" later in life.... whilst still learning and very much starting out, the group is an odd assortment of guitarists, vocalists, keyboard players and a drummer, whilst I assist with some bass. They are a really great group of people, and while the music isn't the main focus of it all (for me), I really just hanging out with these people on a Thursday night. They also appreciate any constructive feedback about their playing/arrangements as well, which is encouraging for me. As I said, they are absolute beginners (and not a "band", as such, just a group of like-minded older people willing to "have a go"), so it's lovely being able to assist like this.

Plus it "keeps my hand in", playing-wise. I mean, last Thursday night was the first time I sat behind a drum kit (and chugged-along keeping a basic time-beat) in like... a few years! It's been a positive experience - no stress, no fuss, and lots of laughs.

On the other foot... I had an odd sock...

I had a dream the other week, that has stubbornly remained in my psyche as well. Impossible to describe (as most dreams are), the only way I can describe it is that "Purple is the New Blue".

Oh yes, I wholly appreciate that means absolutely nothing, but the dream-imagery has a very strong resonance for me. Even if I don't know how to describe it. I know I have to "reach for it" and "push it forward"... yet what the significance of it all is, I'm yet to be reassured. Yet somehow... it makes some sort of Zenic sense to my short-circuited brain.

Or, perhaps it's just the madness? hahahahaa.

One simple upshot of it all is that, I bought myself some cheap purple cloth (thanks to Spotlight!), and a cheap very-basic sewing machine (which replaces the one that the removalists 'stole' about 3 or 4 house-moves' ago!)... an early Xmas pressie for me from Santa. So yeah... purple slowly begins to make its way across the coverings of my home...

Sitting right next-to my goldfishies (who continue to thrive), they had a blast watching the old crazy man sewing in the glorious sunlight, at 8 o'clock on a Tuesday morning! hahahaa

My state of mind recently has been a more-or-less regular 5 or 6 out of 10 (with some days 'better' than others)... this disease of the mind takes its toll, I assure you. And I'm sure it scares a lot of people away from me as well, goddammit. I know it does my own family...

Peas be with ewe 

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  1. I thinks it's wonderful that you guys have all created an environment where the newbie musos and you can be comfortable with each other and enjoy yourselves. You don't have to live up to any "external" expectations or pretend that you can do things you are unsure about. You can relax and just hang out.
    Sorry your mood has been a bit dastardly lately- most days I can get to at least a 7 for quite a long time but occasionally I have many hours down at about 2 - so maybe my true average is 6, but I feel it is 8 time-wise! And my family and friends are all pretty tolerant of my brand of screwiness, which helps. Big Hugs to you. You know I am always hanging about if you'd like to PM on Facebook or exchange emails. Sometimes I could Skype, but it takes some setting up to go to a separate room in this little house. I wonder if you could stand it one day to go and have a look at some Kable and McGregor headstones in the local cemeteries to get me some dates?? If that would be too sad-making, no worries. Thought it would be a different sort of activity and would involve some walking and fresh air too!