Monday, 28 July 2014

Unconscious Mutterings

Free Association
I say, and you think...
  1. Fish:: find the fish (some classic Python random absurd silliness - loving it)
  2. Dreaming :: the Australian Aboriginals have a great commonality with their concept of their 'pre-history' and 'legends' - their timeless time - with "The Dreaming"
  3. Living :: The Living End... I still remember the first time I saw a video of them playing live, and they blew me away with their punkabilly rock! I haven't managed to catch them live (yet)...
  4. Expectations :: Great expectations - but are they realistic?
  5. Mug :: you're a mug, mate, a real twit, a fool...
  6. Jacket :: Leather Jacket... one of the fish I used to catch as a kid, fishing off Manly 16' Skiff Club's wharf... what a gorgeous view from there!!! Pristine Sydney Harbour.
  7. Bowl :: bouncer! I used to love to play cricket - altho I was never very GOOD at it! I couldn't bowl a bouncer, but I could turn a ball a bit, now and again. I still love watching cricket, tho... gotta love a game that can take five days and still end in a draw! heh heh
  8. Confession :: confession bear? Tell all, and cop abuse when you share all? hahaha. Oh you, internet!
  9. Socks :: Odd Socks - what can I say? Life is sockatologious!
  10. Tank :: fish tank, where I go to chat with my fish "Ying-Yang" & "Thoon" every day, relax, and converse about life, the universe, everything... and a banana. Because, well... why not?

Peas be with ewe 

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