Thursday, 1 November 2018


The Dizzies / The Spins / Vertigo

I'm feeling so *&^%$#ing dizzy today.... gawddam I despise that these things just kick-in so randomly sometimes.

When it randomly kicks-in, sometimes I feel like I have the attention-span of a sock!

Catch-22... I never seem to know if these dizzy spells are a side-affect of the meds for my bi-polar depression, or colitis-inspired anemia, or because of my MS... or simply that I'm getting older!

"The Spins / The Dizzies" sort-of feels like being very drunk, but without the 'buzz' - my physical body isn't affected, it feels like everything is spinning... doesn't make me nauseous, just tires me right out. It's the sensation of spinning - similar to what you feel on a twirling amusement park ride - even if you’re not moving. Plus it totally stops me from doing anything positively productive... I can't focus on anything long enough, while it's happening. A nap usually nails it on the head. (Makes me sound so old, doesn't it?!)

Sounds fun, doesn't it? No. No, it doesn't. It's one of the reasons why I have a chair with me, whenever I'm performng on guitar - and why I'll use a walking stick, when it's a bit of a hike - "just in case"...

It's different to the "Brain Fog" that sometimes affects my immediate short-term memory.

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  1. I get this a bit when I tilt my head back (for example when attempting yoga). Not a nice sensation at all :(