Sunday, 11 May 2014

Come Back Again

This morning, after a relatively good nights' sleep (bloody insomnia!), I once again picked up my ol' practise bass here at home, and tried to play those songs I was 'strugging' thru yesterday.

Well... wouldn't you know it... they had 'stuck' in my head, and it seems I can play them relatively OK...


Yesterday's situation was still very frustrating, all the same.

Thanks to Kay for her continued encouragement... yes, with time and more practise, this stuff will 'come back again' [no pun intended].

Peas be with ewe 


  1. The "take a break from it" technique works best for me when I'm learning the melody of a new song or trying to remember one I used to do back in the day. I usually grab a guitar and work through the song a few times. I then forget about it for a few days. The next time I take a shot at it I usually nail it on the first try. Giving the mind a rest to let it digest the material seems to be what I have to do at my age. It doesn't work all the time but the success rate is high enough that I don't worry to much about the ones that are causing me some grief.

    1. Thanks, Don. yes, you're spot-on yet again [as usual!] Something I have to re-learn and teach myself again... stoopid brain o'mine! hahahahaa.
      I keep forgetting I'm "getting older", I guess.