Monday, 7 April 2014

Fat Cat

Each time I walk down near our local library, I usually see one of our local celebrities... "Fat Cat" is a British Shorthair cat, who sits outside or in the window at one of the local picture framers. Practically everybody stops to give he/she/it a friendly pat, and 'Fat Cat' will come up to you and actually meow/ask you for a pat as you walk by! Very cute! Its' owner (at the framers) usually sits out the front of his shop as well (most days), with another empty chair beside him, allowing people to just sit down and stop for a quick friendly chat! It's a beautiful concept.
Oh, I don't actually know if that its' real name, altho I heard someone address it by that name this morning, as I happily walked by in the glorious morning sunshine.

The town water supply, especially at this end of town, has been notoriously... erm... dirty at times (check the link for the news story, if you don't believe it!) I only experienced it like this just the once, when I first moved-in, and must have flushed the pipes as I turned things on for the first time.

The water never did taste quite 'right' to me, somehow... so I'd saved my pennies and bought one of those simple "Bobble" water filter jugs (when they were on special) the other week.
Seriously, I noticed the vast improvement in the much-better taste (well, taste-less) water straight away... thanks to the "UC", I end-up drinking a lot of water. Sure, I may be peeing like I don't know what... but now having a simple filter for my drinking water, has been helping me feel a whole damn lot better!

Peas be with ewe 

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