Thursday, 27 March 2014

Walking the cat

I used to think it was a joke... those pics you seen on the net of someone walking their pet cat? That was, until yesterday... walking home from town... I saw someone step out of their car... with their cat... on a leash...
I had to physically stop myself from laughing out loud, it just looked so absurd!
I thought I'd seen it all, when a couple of years ago, here in town, I noticed someone walking their pet ferret on a leash... but a cat, oh seriously! hahahaa

Then, to top off another great day, not far from home... I noticed someone had a sheep in their town-suburban back yard... to keep their grass down, of course... another 'try not to laff' sighting. But hey... it works, so it's all good.

Later, I received a call from a possible music/band situation here in town, who are looking for a bass guitar player... I'll meet with them on Synday arvo, and have a play. It'd be good to 'get back into it' again, but I'm still conscious of trying to 'take things slowly' for a while, too.

Gotta love the electricity/gas supplier... even tho I have notified them three times of my change of address, they still send the bill to an old address from back in January! D'oh!

Oh... Happy birthday to my brother!

Peas be with ewe 

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