Monday, 7 October 2013

Unconscious Mutterings

Week 558

I say ... and you think ... ? (Maybe I shouldn't do this after getting home from radio at 4am! hahaha)
  • Latch :: key... Mum was always a 'stay-at-home' mum when I was growing up, so I was never a 'latch-key' kid.
  • Standard :: flag (I have *no* idea why that popped into my head!)
  • 60 :: Minutes... it used to be quality journalism, now it's just paid advertising.
  • Maple :: leaf... Canada! I miss my two friends in BC, Libby and Drew!
  • Final :: Grand... altho I've been barracking for Manly ever since I was a kid, the Roosters played well yesterday, and deserved their win.
  • Bickering :: destructive... dialogue is always heading towards resolution, when we *listen* to one-another.
  • Diner :: cafe... a group of us used to go to Philippe's Crepes in Balgowlah in Sydney on a Sunday evening, quite a few years ago now. We were such regulars, that they used to know our orders in advance! Twas a lovely place to just hang out.
  • Nasty :: leeches?!? Ever had one stuck on your groin? No fun! They were fun times, tho...
  • Ohhh! :: Snap!
  • Leeches :: Nasty!

Peas be with ewe 

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