Friday, 20 September 2013

Moon Rabbit? + Commitment to Respect

I was able to update my eye glasses recently... I'm classically short-sighted. In other words, things at a distance, I see as blurry! Reading up-close is all good.

Looking at the full moon the other night, I distinctly saw the ears of "The Moon Rabbit" quite clearly... I'd never noticed them before! Bindy, of course, thought I was going (more) potty! These new glasses are awesome!!!
Have you ever seen the Moon Rabbit?

And yes, I must admit that I do have an active visual imagination! heh heh 

Statement of Commitment to address "Horizontal Violence"

(Mal: While these are specifically 'work-place' addressed, these are still highly relevant to any interpersonal relationships... and quite adaptable in any situation, surely?)
As your colleague with a shared goal I commit to the following:
  • I will accept responsibility for establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with you and every member
  • I will talk to you promptly if I am having a problem with you.
  • The only time I will discuss it with another person is when I need advice or help in deciding how to communicate with you appropriately.
  • I will establish and maintain a relationship of functional trust with you and every member.
  • My relationships with each of you will be equally respectful, regardless of job titles or levels of educational preparation.
  • I will not engage in the '3B's (bickering, back-biting and bitching) and will ask you not to as well.
  • I will not complain about another member and ask you not to as well.
  • If I hear you doing so, I will ask you to talk to that person.
  • I will accept you as you are today, forgiving past problems, and ask you to do the same with me.
  • I will be committed to finding solutions to problems rather than complaining about them or blaming someone, and ask you to do the same.
  • I will affirm your contribution.
  • I will remember that neither of us is perfect, and that human errors are opportunities not for shame or guilt, but for forgiveness and growth.
(Adapted from Marie Manthey, President of Creative Nursing Management in Caroline Flint's Midwifery Teams and Caseloads 1993; p. 138) (Source)

Peas be with ewe 

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