Thursday, 1 October 2009

Missing Teenager was part of my extended family

This girl was my ex-wife's cousin. I knew her as a child, and none of us have ever seen of her again, 12 years later. Tis a real tragedy, and yet another case of the police totally ferking-up their case right at the beginning, much to Jessica's loss.
Detectives from the New South Wales unsolved homicide team have released new information about the disappearance of Bathurst teenager, Jessica Small, 12 years ago.

The 15-year-old was last seen in the Bathurst CBD, in the state's central west, in the early hours of October 26, 1997 when she and a friend got into a car driven by an unknown male.

Police believe the pair were assaulted.

The friend managed to escape but Jessica was never seen again.

The head of Strike Force Carica II, Detective Sergeant Peter Smith, says new information about the car was received after witnesses were re-interviewed.

"The motor vehicle was a light coloured VK Holden Commodore with an orange blanket on the back parcel shelf and a number of holes on the front passenger footwell," he said.

"That's very significant information and we believe it's a very particular vehicle and those particular descriptions should jog somebody's memory."

He says even a small piece of new information can provide significant leads.

"The holes in the passenger footwell combined with an orange blanket on the rear and a VK Holden Commodore, I think someone would remember that car," he said.

"The holes have been described as not big enough to put your foot through but big enough to see the road through, so I think it would stick in someone's mind if they've been in that vehicle."

A coronial inquiry into Jessica Small's disappearance is due to be conducted, possibly next year.

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Im hoping and praying that she is returned. There was a girl here in the states missing for 18 years, and she was just returned, why cant we pray that she does too.

  2. I'm so sorry Mal, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  3. OMG, closure is what everyone wants and needs :(

  4. That is terrible - hopefully the new info will help jog someone's memory...

  5. That is so sad. Must be so difficult not knowing what happened. It would be good if someone provides even more info so your family can have some sort of closure.

  6. How terrible! I suppose due to her age they did not even look for her for 24 hours either. Thats what really irks me in cases like this. Plenty of time for them to disappear! So so sad!

  7. what a sad story, gentle thoughts for you & your family