Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I had an unexpected joy on Saturday night, as I ended-up playing a wholly spontaneous 40-ish-minute live set at Anita Willey's gig at the Kings Hotel. Altho I played and sang like pure garbage (I'd no songs worked out or anything... I just made stuff up as I went along), I got some people involved and up dancing and enjoying themselves. But yeah... it's ridiculously easy getting pissed people motivated to have fun in a pub with music and improv, you know? It's not exactly hard work entertaining drunks... but it was enjoyable all the same, to a certain level. Sincere thanks to Anita asking and allowing me to play spontaneously... I hope I didn't spoil your gig.

I'm playing a two-hour gig at some small faux-trendy cafe in a small touristy village out of town this coming Sunday. I'm looking forward to playing, as I'll get a chance to perform a whole lot more of my more mellow moody atmospheric acoustic pieces to what will undoubtedly be a tiny audience.

Sailability on Sunday was rained-out... we had a couple of inches of rain fall, but I still managed to take someone out for a sail all the same... pouring rain and absolutely no wind. We did manage to set-up the boats for the first time this new season and make sure everything was working correctly, which it was.

I'm going to have to sell my little sailing boat, which breaks my heart. I almost did sell it about a year ago, but changed my mind then. But now financial circumstances are at a point where it's a necessity to have to sell it, fack it.

Lancelot's Pram? Two new albums instead of just one? Well, why not.

I'm thinking of making two albums out of all the original material of mine I've got laying around at the moment... there's easily enough for two albums' worth of my musical crap.

I'm thinking of doing one as a purely acoustic thing, with just guitar and vocals, just one-off takes, recorded live wherever I find myself. A lot of my current batch of material is very 'melancholic' and probably wouldn't work with a full production, but... I don't really know. That stuff'll probably turn into "PurpleGreenBlue" as an album. I think I just need to record the bastards and get them out of my head and get on with things again.

It's not as though anyone will listen to them. This I know. No-one listened to the last one.

Then the second album will probably have more of a 'band'/ensemble feel to it. Lots of silliness and production and drum loops and all that stuff. No name for it yet, but maybe just "It's"? Who knows, as I sure don't. But yeah, if they come out within six months of each other [three albums released in under eighteen months... but who gives a fig?], it's not as tho anyone is going to buy or listen to them, even if I give 'em away, you know?

But I'm just thinking aloud. Maybe I won't do anything, you know?

It's not so easy when the 'audience of one'* isn't listening anymore either.

* The "audience of one", is, of course, myself... or maybe it was Paige?

I'm stuck at home again... even driving home from Sailability on Sunday arvo saw me fall sick suddenly without warning, right in the car. This is driving me absolutely batty, and motivates me to do absolutely nothing-at-all with anyone.

I found this very interesting... very...
"Apathetic agnosticism (also called pragmatic agnosticism) is the view that there is no proof of either the existence or nonexistence of any deity, but since any deity that may exist appears unconcerned for the universe or the welfare of its inhabitants, the question is largely academic... that thousands of years of debate has neither proven, nor dis-proven, the existence of one or more deities (gods). This view concludes that even if one or more deities exist, they do not appear to be concerned about the fate of humans. Therefore, their existence has little impact on personal human affairs and should be of little theological interest." (Source)
You have to remember that I spent three years of Bible College and a few years as a full-time protestant Missionary/Evangelist (yes, seriously)... in the end, a lot of it is all just bull$#it, in my experience (experiential, sociological, theological and philosophical). So, being able to consider things from a different perspective is always refreshing for my own journey.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. When my sister was here for the week, on the last night she asked to hear the album Lancelot's Pram - she was packing and all that for a late night bus - she was a humming away to herself and said she liked it... and my sister wouldn't do that if she didn't like it...she'd just march up there and take it off whether I said yes or no...

  2. Wow you have so much original material - definitely put it out there!

  3. sounds like your having a down day...and mal i listen to your first cd in my car all the time...i haven't purchased your second one because money is very tight around here...but as soon as i get some extra money i plan on purchasing it...keep your chin up...you must be doing something right to keep getting gigs...

    ((((hugs)))) i hope you have a better day!!

  4. Thanks. Yes, I'm not going so well. I'm just back to 'existing day-by-day' in forced isolation, and it's wiping out any energetic enthusiasm reserves I may have had...

    I've worked out enough songs to play for about four hours on Sunday afternoon... although I only need play for 90 minutes in total! hahahaa!