Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A bit of excitment in an otherwise...

Doorbell rings this evening...

Two uni student-age ladies in distress... they've basically got their little car stuck in a small 'ditch' right outside the front of my townhouse... one wheel hanging suspended in mid-air, stuck quite fast [the joys of front-wheel drives].

The owner/driver was quite upset, but I reassured her there was no damage to her car (I checked underneath with a flashlight, and it was sitting on a 'good bit' underneath! hehheh].

But her drunken girlfriend that with her was... well, she started giving me some attitude. I was not impressed! I felt ready to give her a slap or something... especially after I suggested a way to offer help...

"Ring some guys from your dorms at Uni, and get them down here to physically pick-up the car and lift it and get it unstuck...", I suggested.

So they quickly rang... four big burly guys turned up five minutes later, lifted the car off, and they're away. No damage done.

But yeah... one of the girls was more upset that she was missing "Ladies Night" and drinking time than about helping her girlfriend with her stuck car. What a bitch.

The actual driver was lovely, and I was very happy to see her sense of relief after a simply harmless accident was all over.

The driveway here is especially designed NOT for cars! She was simply trying to turn-around in the darkness, and went off the edge. It's the kind-of driveway everyone must back down in reverse, rather than try to turn-around in. But yeah... no damage done, to her or her car, thankfully.

A bit of excitement in an otherwise dull day!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. LOL drunken friend NEEDED a slap!

  2. "Give her a slap" is, of course, just a figure of speech you realise! That's not something I have or would ever do, you know...

  3. Hi Mal, finally found your blog again after my PC's motherboard died..
    Funny you giving mechanical advice (the good bit).. ha

  4. Whenever I hear someone mention giving someone a slap it makes me laugh. Most of us Aussies understand a slap id much different from a hit. A slap is usually just a thought thing and not done - it always makes me smile to recall my daughter all of 5'nothing and 47kgs say she whena big beefy 6'4" Professor was being horrible to us when her dad was dying "I would have liked to slap the smart arse bastard" hahaha she'd have needed a foot stool to reach but I always feel like laughing out loud to imagine the flurry of slaps she felt like giving him because he was a smart arse bastard as the girl you mention was a bitch - sometimes the thought is all that needed.

  5. Poor girl, the driver I mean,,, thank goodness they did not get hurt. I am glad you did not snot the sooky girl though... no need to, karma will get her for being so mean!

  6. Young women are terribly self absorbed and think they are the centre of the world - that is why they behave so badly. There are days I want to slap my own daughters for similar behaviour.... but yes as you reckoned its damn pointless.
    You are such a lovely bloke. Keep up the good work!

  7. It made me both laugh and feel agitated afterwards... but I'm glad no damage was done to anyone or anything in the end :)

    I hope the 'bitchy girl' ended-up so drunk and sick and vomiting and hungover after her night out! Harumpfh! hahahahaa!