Wednesday, 14 October 2009


I've just completed a cull of my Facebook a/c 'friends', basically of those people who just don't seem to be around online anymore, or who basically don't use Facebook at all anymore. Lost about ten-or-so people in the process. Like one who was so excited to have 1,000 Facebook 'friends' on their list, yet who posts nothing but senseless garbage, and doesn't seek to 'dialogue' in any way. Then there's others who post nothing but cryptic randomness all the time, yet never clarify anything about themselves or what they post. Bugger that. I'll be doing another cull soon as well, of those people who never reply to comments or anything from me.

They're obviously not 'friends'... maybe there should be an 'associates' list instead?

Obviously it's just me sorting out and trying to process what this whole online stuff is all about for me at the moment.

Thanks so much to Donna for the chat last night... yet another life-saver. She gave me the chance to say some stuff I needed to say and get off my chest [a harmless rant], without fogging-up my blog with it all.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I think at times it helps to cull the ones that don't add much value to our lives whether that's online or off.

  2. Absolutely spot-on, Wendy. Thank you :)

  3. Good on you Mal! I still have a couple I would like to cull as they are just rude and foul mouthed. Unfortunately they would probably make a scene! Mind you they are not MY friends but friends of a friend. Then there is one of my cousins who just says the weirdest things! I really think she has lost the plot. (And that says a lot coming from me LOL! Im usually off with the faeries myself LOL) After my ordeal a couple of months back now I just try to take with a grain of salt. I check in when I can but don't always post, and I often miss other peoples posts as there are so many there. As for the rude ones, I just ignore them. Hopefully they will get the message and stop being rude!

    Big hugs and smoochies, may your future face booking be far more pleasant!

  4. I think and I am not religious at all that right when we think we can't do it any more - handle it any more are way beyond our mettle - an angel comes - yours was "donna"