Friday, 4 September 2009

That is all

Isn't it interesting... when you write a post, but make the decision to 'save it as a draft' and read it again later, rather than posting it straight away?

That's what happened to me this morning...

So, having re-read what I was going to post about four hours ago, thankfully I didn't post it.

Not that it was bad or blasphemous or derogatory or name-calling, nothing like that at all.

Just had a bad morning.

That is all.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Well I do hope your evening is better than your morning mate. I just got in from working a morning, and well, it was not too bad..just super busy.

  2. Hey! I hear you! Do it all the time and then just don't post at all! Sigh! Hope your evening is much more positive than your morning!

    Mine has to be! LOL! Spent the day holed up in a play centre with screaming kids (whilst having had no sleep for four days and finally feeling the head pain!) FUN FUN FUN!!!

    Am consoling myself with a few wines and then an early night! I have to get up at dawn and take dd1 to the markets in Newcastle! A bit of a hike but much fun once we get there! Just love encouraging that creativity!

    Keep smiling Mal! Looking forward to hopefully giving you a real hug soon!

  3. I hope the movie got your mind out of the crappy it was the bottle of red I had tonight that shifted mine a wee bit... talk about crappy head week... think it is the house selling and my retreat going.

  4. Sometimes it's a handy tool like that for sure! Things tend to look different after some sleep. (so I'm told LOL)

  5. I wish there was a retrieval thingie on emails like at least we can delete a post and hope not too many read it - but what the heck we are all human and share the human condition

  6. Ah I just post 'em anyway. Then wait for the fallout. Hmmm, might try the draft thing next time. LOL