Saturday, 26 September 2009

Sick again

Sick again, big time.

It's not something I do deliberately or with any malice. She simply can't be controlled sometimes. It's very very tiring.

Plus IBS* wholly stopped me from spending any quality time with my sons today. Ferk it. Even now I'm sitting here with a bot water hottle sitting on my gut, trying to stop the cramps.

It's not been "one of my better days".

That's eastern Australia coated in dust... that red dusty strip is about 3,000 kms / 1,900 miles in length, just to give you an idea of how much dust has been flying about...

The dust is a deep ruddy red/orange [the colour of the Aussie outback], and looks / feels like talcum powder... a finely ground powder seeping in everywhere, no matter how many windows are doors are closed.

Seven+ years of drought is affecting everywhere... the groundwater water table levels here are virtually non-existent. Huge dams [that are normally full and hugely gigantic] are sitting at 10% or less capacity levels, and have been for a few years now [Carcoar Dam, where we should be sailing, is a good example of a dam that hasn't been full since 2001]. It will take at least 5-10 years of regular good seasonal rains to help things begin to turn-around and recover... and long-range forecasts are predicting the opposite... things are not good. At all. People are jokingly referring to 'Dust Bowl' conditions, but in reality, it's not that far off... [it's not the farmer's fault... it's that most of inland Australia is desert, that's basically where this deep orange dust coming from].

*IBS is an ongoing thing that'll affect me for years, not just now and again.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Poor bugger you, sorry the IBS is having this effect on your life.

    Yep drought sucks too, our life and livelyhood often depends on what and where the rains fall. Phill was out of full time work for the best part of a year in 2003. But we're the lucky ones unlike the farmers.
    Hope you're getting some sleep right now, unlike me.

  2. And here we have that fool Rudd claiming we will have 35million living here in a few decades - he is a real urbanite jerk really - this country has reached the limits of what is sustainable concerning water. The map of Aussieland they show shoule be the one where you see all the desert with a thin thread of green round the edges - thats where the bulk of us live...
    sorry about the black dog - my mum had this in cycles - she was the bravest nicest and kindest woman - brave because it came every few months and she knew it would come like that and she had no choice but to face it. I was talking to a lady the other day who suffers....and she noticed i had been crying - can't hide it when you have light coloured eyes - I just said its just a broken heart that will never mend - then we spoke about her depression and she said its like a broken soul when it hits you. I think a broken heart is the easier of the two. Take care