Saturday, 26 September 2009

More Dust

Another ruddy dust storm has struck here in Bathurst at about 11pm last night (Friday). It's gone 2am Saturday morning now, and you can definitely see the red colour reflected in the external street lights outside. It's not as bad as the other day, but yeah... you can still taste it in your mouth, and blowing the ol' schnoz sees a bit of the ol' red dust in evidence as well.

It'd be a combination of a new dust storm coming in from the dry dry west of the country, plus these strong winds would be whipping up all the red dust still laying about after Wednesday's effort. Two in one week is some sort of record for this part of the country, certainly.

I don't even want to think about what colour my whites left on the washing line will look like in the morning!

The plus side is - thankfully, orange is my favourite colour! Muwahahahaaaa.

Such is life. Just as well I didn't spend a few hours hosing and washing everything down the other day, as I'd just have to do it all over again this weekend. D'OH!

Oh... why am I up and about at 2.30 in the morning? IBS... bloody IBS. Fingers crossed the worst of it will have passed [no pun intended] by the time I'm supposed to see the boys in 7-1/2 hours time...

So, here I am, wide awake, about seven paces from the loo, just in case, online [for want of something else to do]. I'm listening to a desk tape 'bootleg' recording of a Pink Floyd live concert from November 1974... a live rendition of 'Dark Side of the Moon'. Sensational.

Typical of me and my diverse and eclectic musicality... earlier yesterday arvo I was listening to John Wesley Harding' roaming country characters! Go figure!

The catch-22 of it all is... everytime I listen to something, I'm somehow 'inspired' [wrong word] to write new songs/themes/concepts... somedays I can't keep up with how my bloody mind works in overdrive sometimes. Just how many of 'em are actually any good is beyond comprehension, unfortunately... just the frustration of not having a co-collaborator.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Poor you getting another bout of IBS so soon after the last one. Do hope it doesn't spoil your time with the boys.

  2. good luck with the dust storm..

    I hope that you feel better soon and have a great time with your boys!

  3. We got it too. I was just thinking yesterday how I wouldn't have to wash the big window in the kitchen and I open the blinds this morning to see it streaked with dusty rain. Everything was covered in it. But we got buckets of rain through the day so maybe it washed it all off. I didn't even hang any washing today.

    Hope you had fun with the boys and that your tummy didn't act up too much (I'm being delicate here).

  4. Orange is my fav colour too, but I would hesitate to wish for some of that there dust, LOL.
    Gr8 choice of music mate :)

  5. Sorry you are sick - nothing feeels good when you don't feel good - hope it all eases soon for you