Tuesday, 8 September 2009

MySpace sucks

MySpace is screwy - actually, it always was. That's why I was not keen to want to have to have a presence on there in the first place.

I can log-in fine, where my profile and information is all there. No worries.

Yet when I ask it to open the actual public 'Profile' page - the one that everyone sees - it says it's been canceled and deleted. But, of course, it hasn't. That's the MySpace link that displays on the page, and the one everyone sees and would bookmark. But, thanks to MySpace, for no apparent reason it now does not work.

It opens absolutely fine from the link within my log-in page alright... it's screwy.

I've had no response from MySpace for my requests for help about it either. Grrr.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Hey you are preaching to the converted there which is why facebork is my only social network now... not as addictive as plurk and not as in your face and spammy as myspace.

    I can understand why you are trying on there as it is a muso place but don't waste time stressing over it as the cool people hang out on facebook :P

  2. Geez! I thought you were talking about your house there for a second! I was gonna offer you a swap! Hehe! Peoples included! (annoying peoples and all!)

    Yes MY SPACE is even worse than facebook! I know! My kids joined me up years ago! I never used it! Hey! I had a blog okay? Im starting to wish I still did these days! Sigh!

  3. I *still* haven't heard back from MySpace about it, even after three seperate emails to them about it. Bah humbug!

    I only set it up as another 'point of presence' online for my music, that's all. I don't actually 'use' it, it's just there. But yeah... why it doesn't work the way it was is beyond me.

  4. Blogging os enough for me...who cares what happened to little Mary from Kindergarten???