Tuesday, 8 September 2009

I Was Wrong

When I'm wrong, I'll stand up and admit it.

I was wrong.

That friend who wasn't returning calls, messages or emails I was so upset about the other day?

I finally managed to catch-up with him on the phone this morning - and all is well.

The poor bugger has been frantically busy with his work, getting like six-hours sleep a night kinda lifestyle lately. Not even getting to his computer or returning calls etc etc etc to most people, let alone his friends. He hasn't even been playing any music, as he's been so busy! The poor bugger!

But the good thing is - he and his family are all doing well, fine fit and and healthy, which was my main concern. Thank gawd for that.

Plus we had a good chat on the phone as well, and there's no problems, no dramas, nothing like that at all. He's just been so busy... he literally gets home after being on the road for like 12 hours a day, plays with his kids, plays with his wife, eats and goes to bed.

Oh, and that other old old friend who I tried to reconnect with the other week? I never heard back from her, so [shrugs] thems' the breaks.

I trimmed six inches off the length of my hair today as well. It was feeling a bit straggley... it's still long, tho.

I've got my six-monthly housing inspection this Thursday. Six-monthly... more like every 12-18 months, when they remember about it. I've been here over five years now, so they know the place is going to be alright and looked after and all that.

Still, even tho the place is tidy enough [that's the joys of living on your own, I guess...], I'm still aware there are guitars and cases and leads and that kinda junk just laying about the place... so I'm wrapping and packing most of that stuff up out of the way for a few days... just so it doesn't look so cluttered.

She'll be right... I've passed every house inspection with flying colours.

I just need to remember to wipe the dust from the bathroom extractor fan cover... blimey, who does that more than once a year, anyways? heh heh.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I am glad the premature panic was unnecessary and the friendship is rekindled and the friendship burns brightly once again.

    As for cleaning bathroom extractor fans, I didn't do it in 6 years of owning my house (well me and the bank)... think my brother did it when he renovated the bathroom for me.

    Room fans on the other hand got done about once a year... when they got daggy around the edges.

  2. Time goes by so fast eh Mal? I have been contemplating cutting my hair too..it is so long! I will ponder more..

  3. So glad things are all well with your friend! You know 9/10's of the time this is the case! Life is hard for most these days. We are all busy and trying to keep up with everyone, but sometimes this is not enough! I know I am feeling like that a lot these days! So many people I care about and want to connect with but can't seem to find time for myself let alone everyone else! Oh well, such is life hey?

    So where is the picture of your hair cut? I am also contemplating it! Really I am! hehe! But then again there is always those dreads! Sigh! What to do???? (hehe, along with NOT doing my nails I also do NOT do my hair! What a surprise hey? Having said that, do you know HOW many people this week mentioned their stupid nails on facebook! I had to laugh at the lot of them! You're fault! Totally you're fault!)

    Okay even Trish who we know was just taking the piss! But the rest of them had no idea! I really was hard put to keep my mouth shut! You are killing me already! Stop it!

    PS CAZZIE...You just leave your hair alone! Its gorgeous!

  4. Glad to hear you have finally caught up with at least one of your old pals. Poor guy, time does slip by so quickly when work takes over your life. I'm glad to be out of the rat race!

    I'm curious (or nosy!) about the house inspection -is this because it's rented?

  5. Thanks so much, good people :)

    Yes, where I live is a rental :)

    New photos? I've got a few sitting in my little camera that've been untouched for at least a month! I just keep forgetting to recharge the batteries and download/upload those pics. D'oh to me.

  6. Haircut photos? No no no, please appreciate that there's nothing to see... it looks exactly the same! When your hair runs about two feet down your back, six inches off the length is not even noticeable :)

  7. I have only wiped the dust off the extractor about 2wice in four years

  8. You have to clean them? ;)

    I tend to paranoia at times, like when I log onto MSN and someone goes invisible at once. LOL