Wednesday, 16 September 2009


A bit of randomness for fun...

"You're gonna need a bigger boat..."

robert shaw

I was on our first ever family overseas holiday... we went to New Zealand [does that count? lol]. Anyways, whilst dad went to see the latest John Wayne movie, mum and I went to see "Jaws" in Christchurch [obviously, it must have been 1975, and I would have been 11-ish]. That was my 'first time'.

Good memories... the underwater scenes freaked me out the most... and I guess when I used to go out sailing in Sydney Harbour afterwards seeing that, everybody had second thoughts about "what is under the water?" hahahaaa. No no, seriously... even seasoned experienced sailors were spooked by that ruddy film! hahahaaa

I think it was because about a year before the movie came out, we heard a story of one of the local profession fishermen in his trawler [he was one of the 'rescue boat operators' at our sailing club of a weekend, old Jimmy Rando, long passed away now]... he was 'outside' [ie out to sea] fishing, when a ruddy big shark did end-up up over the back of his trawler, mouth chomping and thrashing about [similar to the above pic, but obviously not as ruddy big!]... he locked himself in his small cabin and grabbed his shotgun, scared $#itless! The shark managed to wriggle itself free and no damage was done, but needless to say, even that old salty seadog got the heck out of there toot-sweet!

My latest time for that film was about a year ago, after I bought [for the band... (cough cough... sigh) ] a video data projector... I watched the movie projected on my loungeroom wall, with the audio coming thru one of my music amplifiers! BIG and fun.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. It took me a long time to get the guts to watch jaws! I was never the same after the exorcist!! lol

  2. Jaws scared me to death! It took me a LONG time to go back in the Ocean again. You can't help get freaked out when you feel something brush up, next to you. So many things living in their world, we really are just visiting.
    Hopefully, it stays peaceful.

    Your movie showing experince sounded so fun!

  3. Um if I bring the popcorn can you show that for me?

    My mother has a funny story about me. I was reading the novel "Jaws", by Peter Benchley. (sorry book was better than the movie, had more of the human side, not so much of the blood and gore). We lived on the coast, at Sawtell. I was always a surfer chick, water baby, couldn't keep me out of the sea even in the midst of Winter. But Mum jokes to this day that I wouldn't go swimming till that cursed shark had been caught in the book.

  4. Gahhh scary as watching Nightmare on elm st...or umm..The Blob...ahhhh!!!

  5. Thanks! Yes, even tho we've become somewhat 'desensitized' to a lot of visual stuff these days, those memories of the first time we saw stuff like this does stick in the mind :)

  6. Did you ever see Cujo - scared me just as much as Jaws