Sunday, 16 August 2009

You Won't Remember My Name

I've never ever done anything like this ever before, trying to make a 'video'... tis just a simple experiment, really. Apologies for the crass amateurishness!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Great song and I can tell from the lyrics, getting the words out could provide some healing.

    I love the cartoon you included about the voices and I know others which would love it... one who is a girl who proudly wears the t shirt she got from JJs which says "I hear voices and I do what they tell me to do". But that is kind of sad too as I know others which follow the voices and self harm big time.

    I am glad you are getting your voice out to be heard.


  2. the more i listen to this song...i just love it!!!

  3. Thank you. I enjoyed making it all.

    That cartoon has been here right on my blog for about two years, actually, right at the bottom on the right! rofl rofl. It's the name of one of my songs on the album as well! lol