Friday, 14 August 2009

Woodstock 40 Years On

40 years ago this weekend the histronic "Woodstock" music festival took place. Three days of... music, love, peace and mud. It was a nice dream. Thanks to that generation for offering an alternative vision of hope, even if it didn't work-out as perceived... there is always a sense of hope to be profited in attempting dreams and visions.

Did The Whos' PT really clobber Abbie Hoffam offstage during their set? Let's hope so!

I was five years old at the time... my parents wouldn't let me go, dagnammit! All I wanted to do was play in the mud, honestly! hahahaaa

So, how does this 40-year-on musical event have an ongoing-influence on my own musical performance? Simply... Richie Havens started the proceedings off, and at the end of his 'unplugged' set, he simply walked-off stage while he was still strumming and singing away at the end of his set... I've been doing exactly the same thing, and it works like a treat as a memorable way to end a set for an audience, walking right thru them, singing and playing to them, and walking out of the room and even outside the building, still playing away happily. People remember stuff like that.

Oh... I do an acoustic version of Jefferson Airplanes' "White Rabbit" as well!

I've spent a bit of this arvo getting the 'rss news feeds' right for all the websites, including the latest podcasts.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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1 comment:

  1. I can't believe your parents wouldn't let you go! LOL

    Music is life Mal, you get it, totally!

    Have a great weekend, one that is filled with great music, play away.