Saturday, 15 August 2009

16 Songs

I've just finished realizing a list of songs that I can use and work-on for the upcoming music project of mine. There's 16 titles ready to go already, and I'm sure others will plop out of nowhere in the process of recording these as well. I'll spend the next little while working on some draft-versions of lyrics, as I've got the general concepts for ideas for sets of words for most of them. Sitting down tonight and just 'jamming' with myself, a whole heap of lyrical ideas came out of nowhere that'll be fine as a basis to start working with. The more songs available in the pool to fiddle around with, the better - there's more to pick-and-choose from to select the better ones to put on the actual album when they're finished.

Plus one nice little song simply fell out of the sky as I was just jamming along to a drumloop on my old battered guitar - it happens that way sometimes! It's all good - and fun. It's not gonna change the world, but it's a whole lot of fun, and that's why I'm doing keep doing it, while I still can.

I managed to pick-up a gig for a private function in December, which is good. I'll be inviting someone else to play as well and split the fee, simply because it's gonna be one of those loooong nights, where the more musos the merrier will work better. It's not that I couldn't play enough material to cover the whole time... I can do that already and them some (75+ covers plus my own original songs are in the set at the moment), but it'll be the kind-of night where mix-and-matching people will make for a better night for everyone.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. good for you mal!!! so happy for you...hoping for many, many, more things to go your way...

  2. You are on a roll which is great.

  3. It's so great to see the creative juices aren't just flowing, they appear to be gushing - now can you rub some of that creativity off onto your online friends too? lol

  4. OMG I finally got the chance to listen to your album this morning! I am stunned at how talented you are!! I love it and later today will link it to my blog so that I can share with everyone!

    Just... WOW.