Monday, 17 August 2009


Today was a better day, after a brief two-day flying-visit from the Black Dog.

Well, today I sold my tenth CD. That's how many I'd realistically imagined I'd sell all together. Anything else after this is just totally extraordinary!

The video I did (well tried to do is a better description) was a fun project, as was the podcast online concert.

It's kinda weird thinking of my next batch of songs and how to record them, when the 'ink is still wet' from my last one! But that's OK... there's always new songs to work out. Now I'm battling to keep-up with the lyrical ideas, concepts and lines floating about in my head, that I'm trying to keep-up-with by scribbling down as they pop into my head as I go blah blah blah. Sometimes a song will come musically-first, sometimes lyrically first, sometimes a concept first, or sometimes just simply come complete out of nowhere. Neither way is better or faster or quicker or more efficient, just different ways to try and catch the muse as she sings to me. I think my muse is a fat old deaf bed-ridden pensioner these days! hahahaaa. But she stills sings to me, in many different coloured languages. (I know that sounds like pure artsy-fartsy pretentious gobbdegook bull$#it, but I don't know how else to describe it...)

I think I need to act on a thought I had the other week, which is just to get out and busk for an hour or two every day downtown, just to keep my 'chops' [ie. playing skills] up. I'm not as strong that way as I once was, which is kinda weird to realize. I'd planned to go up to Mt Victoria and see an old fellow Bathurstian playing her awesome music at a grand old pub yesterday afternoon... barring that at least go back to Millthorpe and do some busking (would have been a nice day), but the asshat BD kept me pinned down instead, bugger it.

I think I know what helped to make my day yesterday feel more low than it already was... I happily leant one of my old bass speaker cabinets to a local muso on Saturday, who said he'd ring the next day after he used it at a local gig, and drop it back off. No worries.

Late Sunday arvo, the $400+ speaker cabinet had been left sitting unattended on my front doorstep, just out of the weather, for seemingly most of the day...

To say I was pissed-off at his utter thoughtlessness is an understatement. Sure, it's not the world's greatest speaker cab, but still... if I borrowed something of his, he sure wouldn't want me leaving it sitting on his doorstep for hours now, huh? No physical damage was done, but that's the very last time I'll lend parts of my music stuff to people who are so-called "friends". Talk about getting and feeling used. I know other people would possibly 'defend' what he did by simply saying, "Oh, that's just 'Fred' ".. but, you know, it's just not acceptable to do that with someone elses' gear, you know?

He is a nice guy, just a thoughtless sod, it seems...

Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. Hi Mal, My CD arrived today, haven't had a chance to play it yet. Will have that pleasure while I cook dinner in a few minutes.

    I really don't understand people who treat others property with no respect. It's lucky there was no damage or that it didn't get stolen!

  2. That totally sucks Mal, no excuse for treating other peoples' stuff like that. Amd sorry to hear the dog visited you again, he must have escaped from my place!

  3. that was very stupid of him to do that..

  4. Hugs, hope you have a better day today!