Monday, 31 August 2009

Sounds Live

Looks like I'll be playing live on the radio (and streamed live online too) again soon as "Lancelot's Pram". Thanks to 2 MCE-FM and Sounds Live. I've been accepted to play, and dates to be confirmed... I'll let ya know when and all that when I do. It 'clashes' with the Wednesday singer-songwriters nights, but for one night now and again I'm sure somebody else could facilitate that, surely?

By pure random chance, last Tuesday night I met with a few local blokes in an old warehouse basement/dungeon for a bit of a non-agenda musical jam-session. It was so refreshing playing and just fooling around with a whole lot of acoustic guitars with a whole lot of blokes I'd never met before, who'd all varying degrees of skill.

I've received a sensational email from Lynn, who really knows the ups-and-down of IBS on a personal level. That was really encouraging for me, to dialogue with another who suffers the same stuff as I. Thank you thank you thank you!

11-yo Jordan continues her journey of kicking her brain cancer in the butt!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. I am so glad you have someone who truly understands what you are going through. We can sympathise but nobody really knows till they have been there themselves.

    You're becoming quite the radio superstar!

  2. Kicking butt in all areas I like it Mal :)

  3. Way to go Mal! Glad things are looking up today! And Go Jordan! What a little star!

  4. Glad you've connected with someone who knows what the IBS is like. I find that people who haven't had asthma really have no idea how it feels either- especially GPs! You must be chuffed with all the new gigs on radio and finding some like-minded souls to jam with sometimes. It would be great for any muso- but you really crave it, I reckon. You must be feeling a bit better as your writing sounds more relaxed. Hugs n stuff! ((O))

  5. Thanks. i must have had a better 30 minutes, perhaps? [giggles]

    My GP, whilst being a brilliant GP and a great guy, doesn't know much about depression or IBS. It's catch-22.

    Any old fool can play on community radio in a country town. That puts it into perspective for me, at least.

  6. Does Slippery Elm help at all? It did with Don