Monday, 10 August 2009

Rock till you drop?

While my main "Lancelot's Pram" website is down (due to server problems), here's an alternative website where you can hear song samples, view the videos etc etc etc. (And, of course, the Facebook and MySpace sites as well)

On the left is the first concept draft of how I think my next music project CD cover artwork may look like. It's similar to the concept I have lurking in my head, but it's not too bad for a first go trial-and-error bit of randominity [is that a word? lol]. Yes yes, i'll continue using the "KISS" rule... "keep it simple, stoopid"! lol.

(Update: I like this new typeface font I stumbled across... reminds me of a Dr Seuss something, which I think is fun!)

I've asked a local couple to help me a bit when I get around to recording my next batch of songs for my next music project "PurpleGreenBlue"... I really need a piano player, who thinks like a piano player, to play some piano here and there, and also perhaps some extra voices on backing harmonies. I'm just gonna keep doing this stuff while I'm "on a roll", you know? Three songs finalized already as well... I'll give 'em a trial-run playing at the pub on Wednesday night.

Yet another fantastic weekend... caught-up with an old school friend lunchtime-Saturday... spent Saturday night with some friends watching live Jazz, a fashion parade, belly-dancing (yes, seriously - and it was great! lol), and then dinner at an Indian restaurant... spent some time Sunday arvo with some friends watching live acoustic the Aussies won the 4th Ashes cricket test (yay!)...even managed grabbing a few groceries along the way as well (the pantry was bare, Mother Hubbard!), and a few loads of much-needed washing...

Tomorrow I'm spending the day on-the-road with a good friend, as we're picking-up a small sailing dinghy that's been donated to Sailability (which we both volunteer with). We always enjoy spending time together, so eight-or-so hours sitting in a car will allow us plenty of time to talk and share our hearts out. Sensational time ahead.

Then on Wednesday I'll be meeting with a semi-professional lady, who'll try to help me with long-term paid employment opportunities. I've had many similar people over the last five years say "Sorry, there's nothing we can do for you" (no, seriously), so I don't have high expectations for anything coming from it, even tho it's an on-going process with this organization. People in my specific situation (health and emotional) and history basically get ignored and cold-shouldered as we're seemingly in the "too hard" basket, no matter how good an organization's intentions are. It's true, sadly.

I guess that's why I'm spending so much time with my music lately, as it's i] keeping me occupied, and ii] it's something i really love and enjoy doing - rather than dwelling on shittiness that is out-of-my-hands. Just wish I could do it full-time.

Aint blogging fun? hahahaaa.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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