Monday, 10 August 2009

Bloody Australia Post

Bloody Australia Post (our Post office)... last time I sent CD's overseas (only six months ago), it cost me $4.10 each to send them. Fine, no problem. That's what I'd budgeted for, planned and made allowances for in the postage price for the CD etc etc.

Now they're charging me upto $11 each - for exactly the same package, contents, size and weight!! Yes, that's eleven dollars, not four!

FUCK!!! Talk about getting ripped-off! Grrr!

It's not as tho I'm making any money out of these CD's as it is... it's all just covering costs... now there will be literally no $$ leftover at all from any sales I've made upto now after this latest batch of CD's have been sent o/seas. It's not as tho I'll be selling hundreds or thousands of the things, you know! I've sold nine! I was anticipating ten, realistically.

I'm just having a rant, no harm done. Of course I'll keep sending CD's anywhere people want them sent to. It's all about getting music out there, and the cost I'm charging will cover all that anyways.
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. AP have really raised their prices, and lowered their service IMO. I've had more things going astray in the post than ever before.

    That sucks Mal.

  2. Stick to an mp3 download Mal.

  3. OMG WTF and really? I sent some overseas about 6 months ago too for about the same as your lower price...omg $11....sorry, that's just too much! They're getting big for their boots methinks!