Saturday, 8 August 2009

He got 'em!

My eldest son, JD, turned 16 this week, and on the same day that he was eligible to, he applied for and got his "L's" [driver's license learner's permit] - on his first go!!! I'm so proud of him! Now he's out and about driving! wOOt! Mind you... he's been driving since he's been about 12... the joys of living on a small farm-property!

I really need to upload a current pic of JD... he's such a handsome beast! [giggles cheekily]

I'm also working on an online-available-only 'podcast' of some of my current songs 'unplugged'. It's been an interesting experience playing those live radio-gigs this week, as I'm (re)learning a lot about my weaknesses as a performer... but that's a good thing... always something new to learn and improve, always :) Just makes me realise that I actually need to practice my songs more than just once a week! rofl rofl. I'm such a lazy bugger sometimes!

But now I need to start actually playing these new songs for the next solo album project of mine (with a working-title already of "PurpleGreenBlue") over and over and over, to work them and work them until I actually learn them! It's all just part of 'routine-ing' these new songs until I smooth out some of the wobbly kinks in my writing, singing and playing... playing on Wednesday nights at the pub is good for doing that as well.

NB. The Lancelot's Pram and Singer-Songwriters websites seem to be offline at the moment... the host server is updating. Stay tuned!
Peas be with ewe
Mal :)

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  1. how exciting...My son will be driving soon too....i'm nervous!

  2. I got my first grey haors teaching melissa how to drive when she was 16...she's 34 now and apart from hanging her car over the edge of a cliff once with a carload of kids in it she survived....have fun

  3. Yay for the old paddock basher eh? Good on him for getting his Ls first go. I took Kate for a driving lesson once in WA, before realising I should have taught her what a STOP sign means. She didn't stop.

  4. Happy Birthday! And Congratulations (so glad he is already driving my 2nd girl got her L's on her birthday and still has not taken ONE lesson! I fear she will take after me! I still don't drive!) Funny my other half learned to drive when he was 10, his uncle put wooden blocks on the brakes and accelerator so he could reach! :-O Scary stuff! LOL

  5. Congrats to son's L's!!

    Great idea about the podcast btw...very good idea! Have you considered putting out a regular podcast?